Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is currently the CEO of GSH of Alabama, LLC. She founded Green Structure Homes Delivered in 2008 and it has been a disaster relief construction contractor. This company provides state of the art wooden frames and strong steel homes. They also provide advanced technology for environmentally friendly and energy efficient housing. With these new additions, they provide lots of newly advanced protections from strong winds, hurricanes up to 130 mph, mildew resistant, mold and pest protection. They are also very customizable to your liking with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for bigger family units. This company manufactures cottage series, multi-section, single section, and double section homes for people to choose from. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

They come with lots of great complimentary items such as:

  • great quality appliances
  • fully customizable floor plans
  • factory tested water and electrical systems
  • fully programmable thermostats with heating and cooling features
  • lifetime warrenties
  • and so much more!

You may also request:

  • granite or marble for kitchen cabinets and bathroom flooring
  • ceiling fans
  • flood lights
  • larger hot water heater tanks
  • Gas

Since there are numerous quality checks and procedures throughout the building process, this allows for faster building times and maintaining their budget.

Barbara Stokes is dedicated and experienced in government contracting. She is also a proven leader with GSH and an active volunteer in her community of Huntsville. Stokes have also announced along with her partner; Scott Stokes (COO of GSH), the upcoming of new jobs for communities located in Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Minnesota. These states will benefit from FEMA’s $28.5 million dollar contract to help relief efforts from Hurricane Harvey. This will direct new job growth in these surrounding areas to build and produce their modular homes. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

With Barbara’s years of experience, her team is able to manufacture and engineer state-of-the-art designs for private sector customers. They have been able to provide safe and innovative housing for people over many years and plan to only expand their efforts.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Finds Love and Helps Others Find Love

The online dating field is something that is crowded by apps that already have established a name for themselves. Over the past several years, online dating has become one of those most popular ways to date. People love to have the luxury of meeting people right from the palm of their hand without having to ever leave their home. There are literally thousands of apps available for anyone who wants to download them. Many of them already have rave reviews, established downloads, and dedicated fans. Some might think that it’s crazy for a new app to enter this already overly saturated field.

Crazy or not, Whitney Wolfe Herd entered the online dating field and she did it for one very specific reason. Whitney realized that there was a need for a dating app in which women dominated it. Whitney Wolfe Herd herself said that she remembered dating and wished that there was a way that she could have a guy’s phone number without him having hers. That was exactly the reasoning behind creating a female-powered app. Bumble is an app in which women make the first move. A man can’t talk to them unless the female user shoots them a message first. This app is all about empowering women which is something that Whitney Wolfe Herd is passionate about.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the current founder and CEO of Bumble which is headquartered in a very bright and trendy building in Austin. The majority of Whitney’s staff at Bumble is compromised of women because Whitney believes it’s important to have an app for women by women. Whitney loves her app users and even though she doesn’t know many of them personally, it feels like she does. That’s because she’s become a champion for them. Whitney has been doing everything that she can to grow Bumble. The app that started just focusing on relationships now helps women find friendships and even careers. Bumble Bizz is the latest app trend in which users can find jobs, friends who share similar career interests, and more. It’s easy to see why Whitney has created a successful business app. It’s because she herself has recently been named one of Forbes 30 under 30 who revolutionized the world.

Aside from business, Whitney Wolfe Herd recently got married in a gorgeous ceremony to Michael Herd. The two lovebirds tied the knot in southern Italy. It was the perfect ending to their love story.

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Oncotarget Shows Patients How They Can Be Impacted

Even though Oncotarget does not work directly with patients, they know what they need to do to help them with all the issues they have. The company is dedicated to their customers and they know just what they need to make things easier on themselves. Research Gate did a review on Oncotarget and talked about all the ways the company was giving back. They knew people who used Oncotarget would have a chance to do more with the business and do more with the things they were getting out of the company they worked with. It would continue to make things better for customers and would give them the help they needed to try and make things easier. As long as Oncotarget was giving back to the community, they felt they would be offering them all the best options they needed. They also felt their abilities would grow based on everything they had done in the past. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Thanks to Oncotarget, people learned what they would need to do to make things better. They had always wanted others to realize they were working toward a more positive future and that’s what helped them to make things easier. They knew what it would take to give the community what they were looking for and they knew it would allow them to grow their business. For Oncotarget, this was part of how they could make things easier on doctors who wanted to be a part of the same situations. It gave them the motivation they needed to do better on their own.

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As long as Oncotarget had been working for solutions, one of the greatest came in the form of a new thyroid cancer treatment method. This was something doctors could use on all their thyroid cancer patients and it gave them the ability to make sure they were treating them. The treatment came with very few side effects compared to other methods and that helped them make sure they were doing things right. It also helped them realize treatment for thyroid cancer was possible even if it was at a very advanced stage. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

What Boraie Development’s Newest Housing Investment Will Look Like

New Jersey’s cities have seen some changes in their economies and even in some of their identities including Atlantic City, which at one time was known as the place you went if you were interested in a night at the casino. Recently though, some casinos have started to phase out and now developers are looking to bring in new commercial ideas to the city. But as that’s happening, New Brunswick real estate investment company Boraie Development has decided to address its housing need. What they’re building right now is a 250-apartment structure known as the “Beach at South Inlet” that will bring the kind of housing into the city that young people have been looking for for quite some time. The building will have a magnificent outdoor pool, be located right next to the beach and boardwalk and have easy access to downtown transportation as seen on Boraie Development’s website.

Boraie Development was originally founded by Omar Boraie, an Egyptian-American who holds a doctorate in Chemistry. He started the company back in the 1970s during a time that New Brunswick was declining and had a lot of empty buildings. Crime also was a problem and most people didn’t go out after 4 PM in the evening. Omar Boraie and his sons Wasseem and Sam saw these buildings and since nobody else was going to invest in them, they decided to do it themselves. It was the decision of Dick Sellars of Johnson & Johnson to keep his company in the city that made Omar Boraie Believe he could do it. Visit his website

It was in 1988 that the first part of this plaza known as tower one became erected, and Boraie Development headquarters was established there. Most people had written off Omar Boraie when he first showed his designs for rebuilding this area, but by 2003 when tower two went up, they saw how right he was about getting it done. A few years later, the Spring Street high rise apartments went up, a complex that most people thought would take years to lease out but did so within just two months. In 2013 The Aspire was constructed, and that same year the Boraie Development also joined Shaquille O’Neal to promote a rebuilding initiative. Even though much has been done alreay for New Jersey, Omar Boraie says the work is far from complete. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

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Dr. Mark Holterman: The Carbon Molecule of Medical Innovation

Biotechnology is a risky business, but it also has a very high potential to be globally impactful. This fact does not deter Mariam Global Health from performing hilariously. This is a global business management and investment firm. The firm brings together Impact Investors and Impact Innovators for the advancement of medicine. The CEO and Founder, Dr. Mark Holterman is a passionate and philanthropic man. His desire to see all these great ideas by smart and creative medical professionals come to life led to the inception of the company. Having been a pediatric surgeon for close to three decades, Dr. Holterman is very well respected by his patients and colleagues alike. Learn more on Crunchbase about Dr. Mark Holterman.

License to Treat

Dr. Mark Holterman attended Yale University for his Ph.D where he majored in Biology. He landed a fellowship in pediatric surgery at University of Virginia College of Medicine. Dr. Holterman has expertise in biliary atresia, liver transplantation, minimally invasive surgical procedures, neonatology and short bowel syndrome. The board-certified surgeon has been a professor at University of Virginia College of Medicine since 2011. He is an attending specialist at St Francis Medical Center and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. It is also vital to note that Dr. Mark Holterman is affiliated with many more hospitals, which leaves him working under his belt. Although these tasks keep him occupied more often, they go a long way in molding him into a better authority day after day. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

A Hero in a Scrub Cap

Many organizations around the world work tirelessly to ratify positive change in the global health dynamic. Dr. Mark Holterman is a staunch advocate and supporter of these causes. He gives both his time and money to charities such as the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The children’s hero is trained in basic scientific research. He has interests in stem cell therapies, cancer treatments, and bariatric surgery. All heroes deserve recognition. Dr. Holterman has won the America’s Top Doctors, Patients’ Choice, On-Time Doctor awards and has been recognized for his compassion. The medical landscape is certainly better with him in the throes.


The Entrepreneurship Success of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of Launch Pad Holdings LLC.He is a revolutionized businessman who studied at the University of Chicago where he achieved MBA in finance. Glen also graduated with BS in economics and finance from the University of Scranton. Throughout his career, he has been a mentor through his blog writing which has encouraged many people who are joining the line of business. Glen Wakeman’s work included guiding startups, new market entry, exponential growth, divestitures and many others. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

As businessman, Glen has five proven methodology of performance that focuses on human capital, risk management, leadership power as well as execution in business. As a successful businessman and writer, Glen has inspired others on monetary economics and organizational strategies. Glen has gained experience that has made him a good strategist hence enabling him to offer counsel to executive group levels such as Dream funded and Sitter bees.

Glen Wakeman is a significant person who is recognized due to his passionate involvement in all aspect of business development, innovation, and growth across the changing global marketplace. Also, his accomplishment in 30 regions around the globe as well as his residence in 6 countries have made Glen to be recognized. He posts blogs on global affairs, business transformation, emerging markets and business leadership. He also provides advice on angel financing, strategy as well as capital rising.


According to Glen, sharing potential ideas with people who can critic your thinking enables one to identify a good idea from a bad one. This also encourages one to think deeply, take steps to make ideas real as well as find ways of defending those ideas. Good ideas make people feel motivated to implement them and make them real. Curiosity is yet another trait that makes Glen Wakeman productive. It makes him continue with his ways of solving problems looking forward to seeing the outcome. Proper business management and division of duties with his employees enable work to run smoothly without any inconveniences. Also keeping yourself updated of the current trends make the business competitive and more productive.

Glen’s work will continue to motivate and encourage people in line with business. This will raise the standards of businesses globally hence improving the economy internationally. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Eli Gershkovitch uses his Legal Expertise to Start a Pioneering Craft Beer Company

Over a long period of time, mass-market beer brands have been the dominant beer choices for almost all drinking adults in Canada and the world over. However, in the recent past, as the millennial generation has come of age, the status quo in the beer market has been challenged. The millennial generation is more adventurous and curious. They differ from the older generations in that they create their own trends and find fascination in uniqueness, rather than fitting in with the crowd. It is these factors that have led to the rise of craft beer as a major player in the beer market. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

In many parts around the world, craft beer had become increasingly popular especially among the younger generations. This has, inevitably, led to the rise of many craft beer brewers in areas which had hitherto been monopolized by the mass market beer brands. The ultimate effect of the changing dynamics in the beer market has been a ceding of a major part of the market share b these mass market beer brands and companies. Indeed, it is estimated that 20% of the entire beer market globally will be controlled by the craft beer industry by the year 2020.

One of the countries that have been at the forefront of the craft beer revolution is Canada. In fact, the number of craft beer breweries in the country has grown well over five times in the past decade. Leading the charge in this revolution is Steamworks founder and CEO Eli Gershkovitch. Eli Gershkovitch founded Steamworks Breweries in the year 1995, at a time when craft beer was far from gaining the traction which it has gained over the past few years. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on

Eli Gershkovitch first came into contact with craft beer while traveling across Europe in 1987. He was still pursuing his studies in law at the time, but he felt deeply fascinated the beer experience during his trip. Although he would still pursue law, Eli Gershkovitch would remain fascinated by this beer, so much so that he left his practice to start a brewing company in Gastown just eight years later in 1995.

It is worth noting that Eli Gershkovitch’s education and practice in law played an instrumental role in enabling him to start his brewing company. At the time of its founding, Steamworks Breweries was the only company which used steam-powered brewing. The gap had been occasioned by a myriad of legal complexities which had deterred many other pioneers from engaging in steam-powered brewing. Eli Gershkovitch used his legal expertise to navigate around around these complexities and establish a pioneering company which would put Canada on the craft beer map globally.


Waiakea Water Creates Unique Niche For Social Good In Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea Water Major Disruption in Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea Water aims to be a major disruptor in the bottled water industry. This is an industry which is known for having a negative social and environmental impact. The CEO, Ryan Emmons, has decided to go in a completely different direction than other bottled water companies. For most people, the desire for bottled water is simply irresistible, as the industry is worth $100 Billion worldwide. Yet, just a few years ago the idea of bottled water would be laughed at because most people believe that they can get fresh water from their own faucets. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Unique Filtering Process Based in Hawaii

Based in Hawaii, Waiakea Water has a very unique filtering process. The water is filtered by running the water through 14,000 feet of rock in the Mauna Loa volcano. Drinking volcanic water is a huge part of the appeal for the consumers of the product, whom look to it as a exquisite and naturally refreshing choice. Waiakea water also has a very unique mineral balance as a result of the filtration process. This has the result of creating the perfect pH and electrolyte balance. Aside from the social aspect of Waiakea water, this is another huge appeal of the product.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Process

Another area in which Waiakea Water stands out is in the use of degradable plastic bottles. A Waiakea bottle is designed to break down in 15 years compared with 1,000 years for a single plastic water bottle. They also use low emission vehicles for transporting the product. Watch this video on Youtube.

Socially Conscious Company

Finally, the company is also socially conscious. Approximately 3% of the company’s revenue goes to nonprofit programs and other community organizations; and they also donate 1 week’s supply of clean water for people in Malawi for every liter of Waiakea water that is sold.

The Network Of Hospitals Established By Jorge Moll To Provide Excellent Treatment Services To All Patients

Having excellent ideas in medicine, Jorge Moll observed that Rio de Janeiro, a city well known as the center of medicine was soon scrambling and losing its trajectory in medicine. This was when he realized he had to come up with a serious solution and founded the Rede D’Or São Luiz network where he is the chairman of the Board of Directors. The network rose from an examination center to a network of 32 hospitals in Brazil with great expertise in serving their patients. He leads his team building a strong hospital management team and ensuring they had the trending technologies in hospitals that would help them deliver quality services. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

He majored in performing tests, but in the early stages, they lacked quality diagnosis because the hospitals were mostly public. Jorge Moll was determined to serve many suffering patients even outside Rio city, and this is when he launched the network of hospitals to reach as many as possible by providing perceived and technical quality that would help retain more patients. He faced many challenges but was not discouraged as there was little profits and those making money were the operators who made money through consultations but gave less to the hospitals.

During the Brazil economic crisis, many citizens were unable to sustain the health plans and opted to quit the plans which worsened the situation. Being a cardiologist and businessman, Jorge Moll enrolled a new medical plan to the public called the Total Health Management Model which his main goal was to provide appropriate healthcare services at a low cost. With the plan, they have been able to help many patients. They established a brokerage firm and marketed its services and many clients registered. Their major goal up to date is to serve many patients and help the partners who have helped them grow. The operators can understand more on patient’s treatment pathways from the lower level to high levels of complexity. Watch this video on

Jorge Moll said that the network had been able to provide excellent services to the patients who in turn became loyal. They use medical auditors from the hospitals without affecting the quality of services, applying the high cost managed protocols that facilitate unable patients receive treatment and using the DMI and selected experts from High complexity. Jorge Moll says that the model offers total control of the patients while at the same time offering quality treatment services.


Lime Crime Red Velvetine Matte Collection Is Worn on Riverdale by Cheryl Blossom

Do you watch the show Riverdale by chance? Are you familiar with the show? If so, you know the love for red that Cheryl Blossom has onset. She pulls off the red lips week after week, month after month. She should have a love for red, she wears it so well. So well in fact that she uses the shade of red off screen and on screen. Why does she like this shade so much? That’s easy to answer.

Cheryl is in love with Lime Crime Red Velvet Matte collection because she never has to worry that it might not make it through scene after scene. When you spend all day in front of the camera filming, you want to choose something that you only need to apply once. If you have to go off screen for something, you do not want it to be to reapply more lipstick. Instead, the moments you spend from in front of the camera should be spent on the finer things you will love. Like napping, you want to take a moment from in front of the camera to rest after shooting all hours of the day. For this reason, you want to grab a few moments of silence before heading back out on set.

Cheryl knows that she must choose something that will live up to her expectations and for this, she knows the brand she trusts well is going to do everything that she wants it to do. That is why she chooses the Lime Crime red velvet look. She knows that when she is trying to pull off a kiss scene, there are times when she is required to leave some red behind but if the scene does not call for this, she must instead prove that her red lips are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

When she was asked about the products she uses on screen and off screen, there was no pause for Madelaine as she thought of an answer. The answer came immediately to mind and she spoke openly about her love for LimeCrime. She loves everything about the brand and chooses it over many other high end brands. The only difference is the cost she shells out on the brand.