Approaching 90 Years Old Isn’t Stopping Sheldon Lavin From Doing His Job At OSI Industries

One of the happiest CEO’s in the food industry today is Sheldon Lavin, the leader of the McDonald’s franchise’s largest partner OSI Industries. Lavin has been in this business for a long time and is almost 90 years old, but he never seems to lose his passion and energy while on the job because he loves not only knowing that quality foods will be delivered, but loves the interaction he has with the people he works with. The way Lavin described the company was one that has an open door to ideas and values hearing everyone’s input. There are some policies that govern the company because like all other companies, it needs to uphold strong ethics and encourage diversity, but Lavin said it doesn’t have the usual corporate “rule from the top” structure.

OSI Industries currently operates all around the world, but it was only a local company when Sheldon Lavin first came there. Lavin had gotten his bachelor’s degree in finance and was a top-ranking advisor for a large investment bank in his early career. He stepped down from that job and started his own boutique services firm, and it was while running this firm that he became acquainted with the Kolschowsky family who owned Otto & Sons, the original name of OSI Industries. Otto & Sons had had a good reputation in processing meat for local merchants, but a new partnership with McDonald’s meant they were going to have to go grow substantially, and in order to do that they needed to build a big meat processing plant. Lavin was who they asked to help get a bank loan, and it was while doing this that he first came across the offer to become a partial owner of Otto & Sons. Lavin turned this offer down because he was committed to financial career, but he did promise to come on part-time as a consultant at the company.

As Sheldon Lavin spent more time at Otto & Sons, he started understanding more on how the meat supply industry worked and realized the company could become dynamic with the right moves. So he reconsidered the offer to work at the company full-time and at the request of its current owners and their McDonald’s partners, he bought the controlling shares and assumed the title of Chairman and CEO. Over the next several years the company became renamed to OSI Industries and began opening even more plants. By the 1990s it was operating in China, Brazil, Germany and later moved into the UK, Canada and Australia. Lavin not only became interested in growing the company, he also decided to use it to partner with and support community service groups like the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the Boys & Girls Clubs, Jewish United Fund and several healthcare foundations. In honor of his contributions to community service he was given the Edward C. Jones award from the North American Meat Institute, and the Global Visionary award by Global Vision Academy.

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How Louis Chenevert Became a Legendary in the Investment World

Many factors determine the direction that every company takes. One of the most significant factors is leadership. The CEO of an organization is the driver of a conglomerate and needs to navigate wisely to be able to take the company to the next level. This is why every firm needs to be careful about who they nominate as the President and CEO of the Company.

United Corporation Technologies (UTC) was keen in appointing their CEO in 2006, and their decision made a permanent difference to the firm. The current CEO of the firm says that the mechanisms that Louis Chenevert used are still employed in the firm to maintain the standards of the conglomerate.

Here are some tips on how Louis Chenevert became legendary in the investment world;

Investing in the Future

Louis Chenevert led UTC to invest in future high technology. He was not only concerned in the assets of the company but the employees of the firm as well.

Louis Chenevert believed that it was through organizing and empowering his team that he could accomplish his goals as the CEO. This is why he chose to transfer his employees to other sectors of the firm where their skills would be valuable.

Louis Chenevert saw investing in future technology as the only way of safeguarding the future of the USA.

Creating Environmental Friendly Products

Besides being a successful businessman, Louis Chenevert is an environmentalist. When he realized the high level of global warming, he found a remedy. He reduced the consumption of water as well as the emission of gases. As a result, the products of the company were acceptable in many countries which increased the sales of the company. Louis encouraged other firms to follow the same path.

Meaningful Acquisitions

During his reign, Louis Chenevert made purchases that have been confirmed very valid to the firm. For instance, the Pratt & Whitney acquisition that cost the firm $10 billion and 20 years to develop has been very productive in the long last.

He also made history in the United States for crossing a $16 billion aerospace deal with Goodrich.

The Success of Graham Edwards and Telereal

Telereal Trillium is among the most prominent property companies in the United Kingdom. Currently, the company oversees a £6 billion worth of portfolio that consists of properties that has an overall area of eighty-six million square feet and some of it houses 1% of the United Kingdom’s labor force.

The impressive contribution and success of Telereal Trillium within the property industry of the UK is due to individuals managing the firm, which includes Graham Edwards.

Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium. He has been with Telereal from the beginning in 2001 and has had an essential part in its growth and expansion until it became Telereal Trillium.

Telereal started in December 2001. During that period, Edwards initiated Telereal in a partnership with BT Plc, known in the past as British Telecom. The business arrangement included all the properties owned by BT within the United Kingdom. The deal which was approximately £2.38 billion, Telereal purchased 6,700 properties that have an overall area of 59.2 million feet. The contract which was closed with BT created Telereal.

Telereal was a joint consortium between Land Securities Trillium and Pears or The B Pears Trust and William Pears Group. In 2009 Edwards initiated an agreement with Land Securities Group Plc that led to the purchase of Trillium – that led into Telereal Trillium at present. The said deal paved the way for Telereal Trillium to become a prominent name in property expansion and sourcing. It also emphasized the company’s exemplary know-how in development, investment, and property partnerships that reaps yearly revenues of £1 billion.

Before he joined Telereal, Graham Edwards was Talisman Global Asset Management’s chief investment officer. During Edward’s time with Talisman, the initial capital investment of £50 million became £1 billion plus. Prior to Edwards’s employment with Talisman Global Asset Management, he worked as the Finance Head of the BT Group Plc’s property department and the Fund Manager of Merrill Lynch Investment Management.

Under the diligent supervision of Graham Edwards as the CEO, Telereal Trillium continues to succeed in property investments and grows profitably, which would ensure its stability in the UK property market in the years to come.





Under Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium Becomes One of UK’s Leading Property Companies

Since its founding in 2001 as Telereal, property management company Telereal Trillium has grown into one of the UK’s largest and most profitable commercial property outfits, offering partnership, development and investment services to clients. With annual revenues of more than £1 billion, and a portfolio worth more than £6 billion constituting properties that occupy over 86 million square, Telereal Trillium, under long-time CEO Graham Edwards, has maintained business relationships with leading private and governmental organizations such as Barclays Bank, Virgin Media, the Department for Work & Pensions and the Birmingham City Council, among others.

Edwards was integral to the creation of Telereal in 2001, and has been CEO of the company through the length of its existence. He helped broker the strategic property partnership with British Telecom (now BT Group plc) that led to the formation of Telereal in the first place (Glassdoor). The 30-year deal saw Telereal acquire 6,700 properties, representing the bulk of British Telecom’s UK property holdings and covering a floor space of 59 million square feet. An acquisition of the BBC’s property portfolio shortly after served to legitimize the company as a force in the commercial property market, and set up Edwards’ tenure at the head of the organization as one marked by constant growth.

Edwards was also central, in 2009, to the acquisition of Trillium from Land Securities Group plc. The subsequent merger of Telereal and Trillium led to the company as it currently operates and is known.

Graham Edwards is the holder of a Master’s in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a Master’s with Distinction in International Relations from King’s College. He worked as a fund manager with Merrill Lynch Investment Management and held the position of head of finance for BT Group’s property department.

Prior to his tenure at Telereal Trillium, he was chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management, and was integral in its growth from the capital management arm of a single family’s £50 million finances to a company currently boasting an investment portfolio valued at over £3 billion.



Telereal Trillium is the largest property withholding real estate firm in UK development. Purchasing and managing investment properties with strategic asset management have been the corner stone that garnered the real estate market for these guys (Facebook) .


Strategic Asset Management in Telereal Trillium’s Commitment to Quality and Hard Work

Global investments are key when a contract occurs over key transactions, like one in December 2001 and the other in January 2009 where British Telecom Holdings were transferred to a fledgling company, creating a rift for smart investment to take hold. Highlighting deals such as these witnessed BT enter a 30-year partnership alliance with Telereal Trillium; providing Graham Edwards CEO momentum by utilizing unseen value and strategic growth to liquidate vast property withholdings. Carrying core principles has helped Edwards remove industry complexities to deliver straightforward solutions. Edward’s head of finance BT role equipped him with skills necessary to foresee what managerial roles dictate.


Graham Edwards CEO Managing Principles with Diligence and Insight

Being a highly involved and highly capable leader is critical to Graham Edwards’s role as CEO of Telereal Trillium. A commitment to business principles such as diligence and insight into what really drives market value are what makes Telereal Trillium a company that fosters potential for talent to prosper. Negotiating skills are a must in recognizing BT holdings and executing property acquisitions, all the while managing a forward-thinking organization.

A clear indicator of success is client listings that include Barclays, Virgin Media, Royal Mail, the Birmingham City Council, and the Department for Work and Pensions. Another indicator of property acquisition ingenuity is listed awards including Investors in People 2006, the Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year 2009, Tomorrow’s People ‘Corporate Supporter of the Year’ 2016; while Telereal Trillium recognition was awarded on the Sunday Times Top Track List 100 Biggest Privately-Owned Companies in 2016 . Such awards are testimony to the quality of work of Telereal Trillium year-after-year.

Graham Edwards Visionary Leader of UK’s Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards is a respected and well-known property developer. Currently the CEO of Telereal Trillium based in the U.K., Graham Edwards has a long history of successful property management and investing since his early years after attending Cambridge University. A notable philanthropist, Graham Edwards is one of the most influential men in London.

Graham Edwards was vital in the development of Telereal as a competitive property development company. With the most important development in Telereal’s history the partnership with British Telecom in 2001, under Graham Edwards leadership Telereal now has a portfolio of over 8,000 properties in the U.K. This is an impressive sum when one considers that those 8,000 properties translate into accommodating approximately 1% of the total U.K.’s workforce. That figure is simply astounding when thinking about the sheer number of people this encapsulates.

Since 2001, Telereal has continued to evolve as a company under Edwards’ leadership (Releasefact). In 2009 another important transaction took place. In 2009, Edwards negotiated with Land Securities Group Plc., the result of which was the formation of Telereal Trillium. Today the company sees annual revenues that are in excess of £1 billion, an exorbitant sum for any one company. As the company develops and succeeds, Graham Edwards continues to develop himself professionally. In expanding his own knowledge base, he has started a MA in International Relations degree at King’s College London, another prestigious school in the U.K.

Telereal Trillium has been widely successful with Graham Edwards as the CEO of the company. His extensive background in investment and property management, as well as his continued professional development and experiences have led to Telereal Trillium becoming one of the most respected and well-known property development companies in the U.K. Continually evolving, Telereal Trillium sets itself up to learn and adapt to the changing U.K. markets. Smart portfolio acquisitions and investments will continue to allow the company to grow within the market.


Graham Edwards Leading Telereal Trillium to Success Year After Year

Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive Officer at Telereal Trillium Ltd. Telereal Trillium is located in London and can trace its roots back to 1997. The company is a commercial property management and investment company.

In 2009, Telereal Trillium sold the a Norwich building for 134 million euros. After the 2009 deal, Trillium was sold to Telreal for 750 million euros and the two companies merged to form today’s incarnation of the company. In 2010, Telereal Trillium began the process of selling a very large portion of its RBoS assets for an asking price of 475 million euros.

Graham Edwards has been working overtime to make sure that Telereal Trillium becomes one of the worlds premier names in property development. The company manages over 6 billion euros worth of property at the moment and is made up of a total of 86 million square feet of property. Edwards has been the Chief Executive Officer during the entire time he has been with the company.

Property development is not the only industry that Graham Edwards is a part of. He is also involved in mining, technology, water and engineering. Edwards is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Most people have finished their education by the time they become a CEO of a major company, not Edwards. Graham Edwards has chose to continue his education even as an already successful business man. He is currently studying at King’s College London, where he is learning about the Middle East concering their International Relations and their participation in wars.

On the non business side of things, Graham serves many charitable organizations. He is currently a part of Portland Trust, Once Voice Europe, UK MDA, UJIA, World ORT, Pennies and British Friends of the Hebrew University (Gazetteday).


Your Home Renovations Thanks to Aloha Construction

If you currently live in Illinois, there is no better home construction and renovation company than Aloha Construction. Aloha Construction has been around for well over 10 years and is a family-owned and operated business. They have worked on over 7,000 different projects, both for homeowners and business owners. They also work with those who are less fortunate, providing their services either for free for very little money. In fact, many people have chosen Aloha Construction because of their low costs and financing options. You’re able to get your home projects done without the hassle of trying to figure out how or when you’re going to be able to afford it.


The folks at Aloha Construction work on a number of different projects. These include roofing, siding, home inspections, gutters and window replacement. You can contact Aloha Construction for them to come out to your home to do a free inspection. After the inspection has been done, they will give you a quote for the work that needs to be done and when they are going to be able to start the work. They will then send their best workers out to get the project completed to your satisfaction and liking. They will not leave the project until you’re happy with the way it has gone.


There is a reason so many people in and around Illinois are choosing Aloha Construction for their household needs. If you are trying to get this work done on your own, put down the tools and call in the pros. Not only will you save time by contacting them, but you’re also going to find that the work just gets done more professionally. You will find that hiring these experts is easy and quick since they can do the work even if you’re on a tight schedule and are not available all the time. They work on a range of household projects, making it easy for you to choose them for just about anything and everything that you are going to want or need to have done for your own benefit and for the benefit of the property.

Graham Edwards Helm of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is a name well known throughout the British Republic now for the role they play in the management of publically owned property management. This titan of the industry is currently under the control of Graham Edwards, Cheif Executive Officer of Telereal Trilium. Graham Edwards has been in the real estate and property management industry for over 30 years and as such has a wealth of experience to draw from when making the decisions needed to keep the company on track. When he came to power the company was pulling in over 11 billion pounds of revenue annually and he has grown this all the way to over 17 billion pounds of revenue annually or in other words, he has created nearly 40 percent in annual revenue stream growth since taking the helm of Telereal Trilium (

Taking the helm of Telereal Trilium in 2011 Graham Edwards has since pushed the company to consolidate its culture in a move that has proven audacious by contemporary standards. The end result has been explosive growth in an otherwise tepid market. With interests in a very wide range of industries such as mining, real estate, water and engineering Graham Edwards has worked closely with the British Parliamentary Government for man years. Growing Particularly close to those who are in charge of the Department of Work and Pensions.

Graham Edwards began his education in the business world at the world-renowned Cambridge University in England (Relationshipscience). He became a member of the Institue of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as well as a prominent member of several other business associations such as the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Graham Edwards is not only known for the role he plays in the business world but also the active role he takes in philanthropic endeavors. He is currently a member of numerous organizations dedicated to promoting various causes such as One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University and is a current member of the Boards or Committees of the Portland Trust. It is safe to say that Graham Edwards has a wide range of influence and does not plan on limiting it anytime soon.


Susan McGalla Advising Women on How To Move Up The Career Path The Right Way

The story of Susan McGalla’s success in the corporate world to become a successful women executive is highly inspiring and motivating, especially to the women. Susan McGalla is all about breaking the glass ceiling and ensuring that the women get their rights to be positioned equally in the corporate world. She is the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers, and her vision and business strategies have helped the company to grow heaps and bounds under her watch. Susan has also headed companies like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle in the past.

Susan McGalla says that there are many deserving women professionals out there, who can be in a better position if the companies have in-house mentorship programs. Susan McGalla means that there are many women empowerment programs that have been in place for years, but it hasn’t been able to make much of a dent in the otherwise male-dominated corporate world to make enough space for women. Susan agrees that while the rate of women employment has entirely gone up in recent years, it has not helped many women to get the executive level positions that many women may deserve.

To the women who want to make it big in the corporate world, she has some suggestions, one of which includes completing education with good grades. Susan McGalla says that women must remain focused on their education and career if they want to make it big in this highly competitive corporate arena. The biggest problem with women these days is that they drop out of college for small jobs or due to financial issues, but it can make or break an entire career of a woman.

Susan McGalla says that apart from good education, women must make sure that they prepare and organize their finances accordingly to pay for higher education from the very beginning. She says that the companies should also provide deserving women professional with sponsorship, which would help the women to move on higher in their career path without issues. Susan McGalla feels that there are many worthy women out there, and mentoring them can help them achieve their dream career goals.