From Shy Girl to Glamorous Stardom

Australian born star, Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson is a force to be reckoned with. She has taken Hollywood by storm and gone on to show the world that when your dreams are on the line, you shouldn’t let anything stop you. Her story is an example of a star born to shine and never hide her light. She is earnest, down-to-earth and rebellious and outright funny. The multi-award winning Hollywood star has managed to win the hearts and minds of fans from all over the world.

Rebel Wilson was born in Sidney Australia on 2nd March 1980. She grew up in a house of six including her parents and three siblings. Her parents were professional Beagle-breeders. As a child, Rebel Wilson was anything but confident. For her first acting class, her mom had to force her to attend. She was so shy back then that no one would have ever imagined her becoming the outspoken, funny actress she is today. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

Her goal to beat her shyness and build a more confident future self, Wilson started participating more in activities that put her out there more. These include debate club which allowed her the opportunities to speak more.

Rebel Wilson would later join an all-girls high school when she would be encouraged to pursue the career of her dreams. As a woman, she feels that the goals one has can be taken away quite easily well with having a family and children early.

It wasn’t until the age of 17 that Rebel actually decided to pursue acting as a career. Mind you she was sick with malaria during a visit to South Africa with the Australia Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program when the thought of winning an Oscar came to her.

Rebel Wilson would later join the University of New South Wales and the Australian Theatre for Young People which would set her on a path to center stage. It wasn’t until she got on stage and people started laughing at her that she decided to use her body size to her advantage.

This would later prove to be her superpower in Hollywood. Closer to home, however, she had proved to be very successful in Pizza (2000) and Bogan Pride (2008). When she moved to West Hollywood in 2010, no one would have thought she would be such a huge success. She, however, believed in herself enough to land significant roles that would later lead to great awards. Here is a list of some of the major awards she has received over the years.

  • The Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress – Comedy (Pitch Perfect, 2013)
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Moment (Pitch Perfect, 2013)
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance (Pitch Perfect, 2013)
  • Glamour Award for Film Actress
  • MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (Pitch Perfect 2, 2016)

Wilson now has her own clothing line through which she encourages plus size women to embrace their bodies.

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