Perry Mandera Taste of Philanthropy

Perry Mandera is a Chicago-based business expert and a virtual philanthropist at a larger hand. He is the CEO-cum-founder of The Custom Companies Inc. He boasts a vast, varied career experience in transportation and logistics having worked in the industry for over four decades dating back in 1976. His passion for transportation and logistics began earlier on when he served in the marine. Perry Mandera also had the chance of giving service to the common man even after his salad days at marine, when he was later elected Republican ward Committeeman where he served for four years, writing history as the youngest to ever hold that post.

Charity ahead of his operations

It is known that Perry has charitable work at heart. He emphasizes strongly on his business and leadership talks on ways in which he helps those in his community and elsewhere. Perry Mandera’s love for needy children is immeasurable as he is seen to have the unwavering emphasis on supporting them. He extends financial donations to them not leaving out material support such as clothing and transportation services. It is captured that Perry Mandera’s philanthropy doesn’t stop at established charities alone as he is continuously on the seeking of new groups and individuals who can benefit from his philanthropic spirit.

Philanthropic networks

Perry Mandera has established philanthropic networks within his company amongst his employees. A more vibrant initiative that he started is a yearly campaign that aims at empowering different people who may need his assistance as identified by his employees. Perry Mandera identifies this as one of his sources of pride as he can ease his holiday stress through his philanthropic activities.

The adage that has it that no one gets poor by giving suits Perry Mandera most. Despite his generosity and charitable activities, he has still managed to carve out a business name for himself and his logistics company. The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) singled him out as the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of The Millennium.” Business corporations and other top business moguls globally should aim at achieving what Perry Mandera has within the four decades. Touching so many lives as part of giving back to the community is part of blessings and prosperity for any reputable corporation or individual mogul.

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