Greg Blatt A Bright Business Mind And Excellent Leader

Greg Blatt is one of the most diverse attorneys and businessman in America. He has a work history that consist of the field of law and also in the realm of business. He is an excellent attorney but an even better businessman. He received his education from Colgate University and Columbia Law School. Greg Blatt graduated with this business administration degree from Colgate and he got his JD from Columbia Law School (Medium).

Mr. Blatt seems to have a natural ability when it comes to being a leader. Greg Blatt is currently the Chief Executive Officer of a company called IAC. He has been in this position for the last 8 years.

Greg Blatt maybe an attorney but he is most known for his expertise and knowledge in the online dating space. He has grown platforms such as and Tinder. He has made these platforms household names when it comes to online dating. Mr. Blatt is also one of the people responsible for expanding Tinder to over 1 million subscribers. Greg Blatt seems to have natural tangibles that has attributed to his success. He is a strategic leader and a natural team builder. Mr. Blatt credits his success in the business world to obtaining his law degree. Knowing all the different laws specifically business laws gives Greg Blatt an advantage in the business industry.

All the trials and tribulations that a law student experiences going through law school teaches people discipline. This is the same type of discipline that is needed to become a successful businessman and business leader. Mr. Blatt is an expert lawyer and sees a they close relation between business and the practice of law. If an individual or individuals have decided or been chosen to lead a company they should definitely have a strong legal precedent. Mr. Blatt also credits some of his success to his past work experience with two major law firms in New York.

These firms helped Greg Blatt to understand the ramifications that come with doing business. He truly has taken his law school education and maximized it to the fullest.

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