OSI Industries Continues To Find Success Doing What It Does Best:

In the world of food companies and provisioners, there are few out there that can match the impressive business model and reach that OSI Industries has achieved. The company is based out of the Chicago, Illinois area community of Aurora and has one of the biggest customer bases and global footprints of any food wholesale operation in the world. OSI Industries has achieved this success off of the strength of more than a century of experience in the food wholesale industry. What was once a single location meat market in the Chicago, Illinois region is running processing plants in 17 countries globally. The current total of these food processing facilities now exceeds 65 and they are located in North America, Europe and Asia among other locations globally.

Recent years have seen big expansions for OSI Industries in places such as Australia, Europe and China. This company that was the creation of a German immigrant family in the early Twentieth Century has really come of age and build up one of the greatest legacies in the food industry. OSI Industries has picked up some impressive clients along its journey as well. Its ongoing business relationship with McDonald’s has helped OSI to attain its current standing in the industry. Other major clients include names such as KFC and Subway. At the heart of the OSI business model has always been a spirit of growth and improvement as well as devotion to customer service.

About OSI Industries continues on its growth plans and has seen some major progress in this area over the last handful of years. Europe has been one of the main regions targeted by OSI Industries in recent years for growth and the company has made some major headway in this regard. The recent acquisition of Baho Food was one of the ways that this growth has occurred. The addition of this valuable company has given OSI an increased footprint in continental Europe. OSI also put major upgrades into its facility in Spain. The Toledo food facility received a production line upgrade, along with other improvements, and the result has been a doubling of the operations chicken production.

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