Igor Cornelsen Has Some Things To Say About Investing

Igor Cornelsen has over the years mastered the art of stock management and investment. He is not a new face in the banking industry as he has worked in several successful firms and has established several on his own. Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil and also went to school there. For his undergraduate degree, Igor Cornelsen holds one in engineering, but during his course, he majored in economics. This he did after the first two years of studying at Federal University because he found engineering was time consuming and somewhat difficult. His decision to major in economics however did not hurt his career but rather built it. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has offered advice to people when it comes to the exchange of funds and good business opportunities. His expertise has seen a lot of individuals make it in the industry. Igor Cornelsen got his first job quickly after graduation because individuals that had pursued engineering were in high demand at the time.

Multibanco is where Igor Cornelsen first worked as an investment banker. Igor Cornelsen’s career at this bank was excellent as within the first four years he was put on the board of directors. Later on, after the bank realized his expertise, they appointed him as their CEO. Unfortunately, Igor Cornelsen could no longer stay at Multibanco when another bank purchased it. Igor Cornelsen left and worked for Unibanco for a while before also leaving the institution. This is because the inflation rates at Unibanco were too high for it to operate properly. It was now time for Igor Cornelsen to find another opportunity that was good for him. Luckily, he managed to get one at Libra Bank PLC where he was being paid in dollars. Igor Cornelsen worked here for a few years building his reputation as an investment banker.

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