The Participation of NetBank in the Community

It is hard to find a bank that cares not only cares about your money but also the improvement of your personal financial life. The primary mission and goal of NexBank is to execute and offer flexible banking services and financial expertise to people who look to them for financial assistance. They make it their mission to support institutions and businesses with tailor-made solutions. They also offer seamless service delivery making it extremely easy for businesses and institutions to access quality services. They also connect their clients with more possibilities. For clients that require help, they come up with tailored solutions that make it easy to diversify the needs of their clients.

Apart from the strides they have made when it comes to service delivery, NexBank makes it a priority to contribute to the community by participating in numerous activities like the Texas Bankers Association. The CEO and President of NexBank Capital in 2016 participated in the fifth annual Texas Bankers Association. John Holt participated as a panelist. He served as a panelist for the topic Reinventing Community Banking. This conference is a forum where advisers, consultants, advisers, and bank leaders, where they meet to share their perspectives on the challenges and important opportunities facing bank leaders in the community.

Participants and panelists in the Texas Bankers Association explore various strategic opportunities through various M&A activities. They also explore strategic opportunities through branching and organic growth. This association makes it possible for the bank to improve its services. The three core businesses that NexBank offers is commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. It also offers banking and financial services to corporations, institutional clients, and financial institutions. The participation of John Holt as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association makes it possible for the bank to acquire new methods to serve its customers better.

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