New Residential Investment Corp. (Nrz) And Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. (Fbhs) Explored Through The Earnings Deep Dive

New Residential Investment Corp was founded back in the year 2011. Mr. Michael Nierenberg is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. This company is a real estate investment trust based in New York, United States.

New Residential Investment Corp has been successful in making his way to the research list of the famous analyst Raymond James. The company stood out and performed very well according to Raymond James. He said this on 5th October 2018. Another research paper was published on 18th January 2018 which states that the company New Residential Investment is at the top of their up gradation period. They said that the overall performance of company has been outstanding throughout and specifically from the past months have been able to reach a new level.

This organization has been able to generate a total gain of more than 4.02% overall from the past five sessions. Almost nine analysts have shown their diverse opinions over the company, and all stand out at one point that the company shares good rating. Every analyst has appreciated their dealings throughout. As an average, the price target of the company over a year or 12 months is $19.31. They have set a target that as an average the price of individuals will lie $18.00 to $21.00.

Fortune Brands Home and Security Inc. have also gained 1.46% relatively from their previous prices on which they were closed. This has an overall positive impact on the selling of the company.

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