Cassio Audi; From a Rock Music Artist to an Investment Executive

The Brazillian music artist Cassio Audi started his music career in 1985. In his first year in the music industry, he developed a band known as Viper. He was a skilled drummer for the band and helped in growing its popularity in the late 1980s. The band’s genre was alternative rock as well as heavy metal and in 1987 it released the popular album “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Read this article at


Cassio Audi was part of Viper before he went to college to study for an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and later becoming a business executive in Brazil. The band is recognized for introducing the people of Brazil to the music genre of heavy metal. When the album “Soldiers of Sunrise” his popularity and admiration as a highly skilled drummer increased. Some of the bands most memorable songs included “Knights of Destruction” and the other was “wings of the Evil”.

When Cassio Audi was starting out with his fellow band members, little was known about heavy metal music in Brazil. Therefore, the band’s influence came from the heavy metal bands abroad, the likes of Iron Maiden, which was a band based in London. Iron Maiden inspired Cassio Audi and the rest of the members to start their own band that would bring the metal rock genre to Brazil. When the band had become successful in 1989, Mr. Audi decided to leave and pursue a professional career. Watch this video on Youtube.


After completing his BA at Pontifical Catholic University, he joined the world of business and later enrolled in Sao Paulo University for an MBA. He has become a successful and popular investment manager. He has worked in well-known organizations such as JP Morgan Chase. Although he has transformed his career entirely, he still considers himself part of the rock band and he is still friends with the other members of the group.


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