Paul Mampilly

Alias Paul Mampilly Guru, the Senior Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing and Investment Research is an excellent analyst and consultant. He is also the man behind the establishment of Capuchin Consulting. Based in Delray, Florida, Paul Mampilly has gone the full circle, starting as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust in 1991 and working his way up the chain in Wall Street then coming back to the roots to help common investors make a buck. He has had the pleasure of working at Deutsch Bank, ING and in 2006, he held a managerial position at Kinetics Asset Management where he grew the company’s assets to twenty-five billion USD. It was here that he began his climb, being offered jobs in various companies.

After a while, Paul Mampilly desired to spend more time with his family seeing as his job required most of his time. This coupled with his desire to help ordinary people make money in the market led him to stop working at Wall Street and take up a job at Banyon Hill Publishing and Investment Research in 2006. He is now the Senior Editor and author of his 8-page newsletter, Profits Unlimited which has over ninety thousand subscribers.

Paul has been featured on CNBC and Fox Business News among other cable channels. He showcases new investment opportunities every month and gives his recommendation on which stocks to buy to his readers through the newsletter. Besides that, he manages Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum trading services and is also a columnist at Winning Investor Daily.

Paul Mampilly’s extensive expertise from his days on Wall Street gives him a cutting edge as an analyst. He has experienced all spheres of life on Wall Street and has inside knowledge on how things run. In turn, he uses this knowledge to advise investors on what to do and how to approach various challenges that they may face in the course of trading.

Paul Mampilly views the introduction of computers to trading, the use of Exchange Trade Funds and new formula for valuation of companies as game-changers in stock market trading. He is also impressed by the work Elon Musk is doing and follows him and his work closely.

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