Serge Belamant Started Early In Making A Difference With Technology

Why Serge Belamant Is A Guru

He was an original inventor of blockchain technology. He used smart cards to develop blockchain applications. The smart cards had microprocessors in them. Serge Belamant is credited with making like faster and easier for individuals and institutions. His new technology has improved processing for investments, deposits, withdrawals, and payments.

Early Life

Serge Belamant is from Tulle, France, born in 1953. He moved to South Africa at the age of 14. While living in South Africa, he was labeled genius in world of technology. He excelled in school with both sports and academics. When he went on to college he changed his major a few times to find his footing. He studied engineering, computer science and information systems. His educational journey took an unfortunate turn when he tried to transfer to a college that didn’t accept a lot of the credit hours he already had. At that point Serge Belamant made the decision to stop going to school, and enter the workforce.

Getting His Start In Technology

It didn’t take long for Serge Belamant to find a job at his young age. He landed a job at Matrix right away. Matrix is a big civil engineering firm. Serge joined them and started in the BKSH division. While he was busy dealing with analysis software on IBM and Cyber computers he was also busy making applications to analyze water levels in dams all over the RSA. His applications were made to figure out the best water levels in dams that could be used to prevent or predict upcoming droughts.

Leading With Intelligence

Serge’s work as a developer continued on to making computer models at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Due to his great skill set, he was the leader of the computer area for the Vereeniging, Pretoria, and Witwatersrand planning project. His great abilities on computers brought innovative ideals to statistical methods, and digital mapping. Thanks to him, there were graphic interfaces that improved road network analysis. While he was working on a Cybernet application team at Control Data, he was labeled analyst of the year in 1980. He became the head analyst for the company’s nation grid systems and earned the analyst of the year title again just two years later in 1982.

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