Ford Customer Experience To Be Improved By The Newly Appointed CXO, Elena Ford

Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company became an empire over its 115 years of activity. The American multinational with its headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan went public back in 1956, and is one of the biggest as well as one of the most profitable companies in the world. In addition, for more than 100 years it has been in continuous family control, being one of the largest companies in the world to be family-controlled. In 2008, the company produced 5.532 million automobiles, and in 2017 it had global revenues of $156.7 billion – showing that it continues to be successful in the 21st century.

When it comes to the Ford customer experience, the company followed the model of other big brands such as Delta Airlines, Apple, and Amazon, naming a top executive whose role is to eliminate problems regarding customer service. Ford Motor Company appointed Elena Ford as the Chief Customer Experience Officer, who worked with the Chief Executive Officer of Ford, Jim Hackett and the Executive Chairman of the Board, Bill Ford in order to design a plan which can improve customer engagement.

Elena Ford is the great-great granddaughter of Henry Ford, and the daughter of Charlotte Ford, an heiress to the Ford Motor Co. fortune. She has been with the company for more than 24 years, dedicating her long career towards understanding what drives customer’ perception. She joined the operations in January of 1995, and is the first female Ford family member to have a significant position in the company. She is leading the transformation of online as well as offline interaction between Ford, customers, and dealers into world-class experiences.

Prior to her new role, Elena Ford worked as the Vice President of Global Dealer and Customer Experience, and the Director of Global Marketing, Sales and Service Operations, among other roles. In order to train for her new position as Chief Customer Experience Officer, she spent time in Dallas and Beijing, where she studied customer behavior as well as corporate strategies in order to identify the problems which are plaguing customers.

Elena Ford stated that this is a global effort, the improvement of the Ford customer experience being done in Europe, Brazil, Chine, and throughout the Untied States. Ford’s President of Global Operations, Joe Hinrichs stated that Elena Ford is the ideal leader who can take on the challenge of bringing the company to world-class levels when it comes to customer experience.

Cassio Audi; From a Rock Music Artist to an Investment Executive

The Brazillian music artist Cassio Audi started his music career in 1985. In his first year in the music industry, he developed a band known as Viper. He was a skilled drummer for the band and helped in growing its popularity in the late 1980s. The band’s genre was alternative rock as well as heavy metal and in 1987 it released the popular album “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Read this article at


Cassio Audi was part of Viper before he went to college to study for an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and later becoming a business executive in Brazil. The band is recognized for introducing the people of Brazil to the music genre of heavy metal. When the album “Soldiers of Sunrise” his popularity and admiration as a highly skilled drummer increased. Some of the bands most memorable songs included “Knights of Destruction” and the other was “wings of the Evil”.

When Cassio Audi was starting out with his fellow band members, little was known about heavy metal music in Brazil. Therefore, the band’s influence came from the heavy metal bands abroad, the likes of Iron Maiden, which was a band based in London. Iron Maiden inspired Cassio Audi and the rest of the members to start their own band that would bring the metal rock genre to Brazil. When the band had become successful in 1989, Mr. Audi decided to leave and pursue a professional career. Watch this video on Youtube.


After completing his BA at Pontifical Catholic University, he joined the world of business and later enrolled in Sao Paulo University for an MBA. He has become a successful and popular investment manager. He has worked in well-known organizations such as JP Morgan Chase. Although he has transformed his career entirely, he still considers himself part of the rock band and he is still friends with the other members of the group.


A Glimpse at Vast Achievements of James Dondero

James Dondero is a big name in the world of credit and equity. He is the Co-Founder as well as President of Highland Management, L.P. He brings over 30 years of his working experience in the equity and credit markets. His years of service have majorly centered on both high-yield and distressed investing. Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 and since then, it was among the first to develop Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market as well as credit centered solutions for retail and institutional investors across the world.

Huge offerings the company has carried out include hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, CLOs, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITs. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, entrepreneur James Dondero he served as a Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life’s GIC. He helped the company to grow to over $2 billion in just 4 years. Mr. Dondero served as a Corporate Bond Analyst as well as Portfolio manager at American Express. In 1984, he began his working career in the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. James Dondero attended University of Virginia where he graduated with highest honors from the Mclntire School of Commerce majoring on Accounting as well as Finance.

He went ahead to earn certifications such as Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), as well as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, as well as CCS Medical. He also serves at MGM Studios as a board member. He is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors through his company, Highland Management. James Dondero and his financial supports in one or another The Dallas Zoo, The Family Place, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, SMU’s Tower Scholars program, Education Is Freedom and many charity organizations. According to Dondero, Highland Capital Management supports organizations that make effort to impact communities in Dallas.

Agera Energy’s Mission

Dedicated to their mission of “simplifying energy buying, for good,” Agera Energy is a prominent name in the electricity and natural gas domain. Committed to powering the world, Agera Energy pairs their consumer-driven strategies with their cutting-edge technologies to bring “efficiently implemented and fantastically supported” services to their valued clients. Serving upwards of 2 million individuals nationwide, Agera Energy takes pride in their elite status.


Armed with glowing testimonials, Agera Energy is revered as a reputable energy supplier. From their user-friendly portal to their customizable plans, Agera Energy ensures that the services they provide appeal to all. Since opening their doors five years ago, Agera Energy’s remained devoted to driving “upfront value to their consumers.” Given their years of industry success, Agera Energy’s undoubtedly materialized their goals.

Robert Deignan The World of Artificial Intelligence

Mister. Robert E. Deignan is usually at Flexsteel Sectors, Incorporation., Senior of opinion at Baker & McKenzie LLP (Illinois), an associate for American Club Association, an associate at Il Condition Clubhouse Association, and an associate on the Chicago Icon Association. He’s on the Plank of Owners at Flexsteel Sectors, Incorporation. He received his undergrad level through the University of Iowa and a graduate student level by John Marshall Law College in Georgia.

Robert Deignan, Américan Attorney, Spouse of BAKER & MCKENZIE, focusing on the field óf General Municipal Practicé. Assessments. Taxatión, Antitrust, Trade Rules, International Job, Trademarks and International Legislation. Worked by Bakér & McKenzie (Chicago, Illinois) focusing on PROPERTY Expansion Law, Cónstruction Law, HEALTHCARE Law, Clinic Laws. Publicly stated to thé bar, 1966, Illinois.

In numerous wáys, the continuing future of AI is here. Or in the least, is considered starting to get there. Little stuff that you dón’t consider just like email trash filters, item suggestions coming from Amazon, voicé assistants, cellular banking, ride-sharing apps, and even more, make use of the energy of artificial intelligence. Actually many annoying programs you speak to when you contact a company’s customer care channel leverage the energy of unnatural intelligence, even though some do it much better than others.

You might be tempted to overlook the news about unnatural intelligence mainly because of yet another trend of hypé, but huge technology businesses are buying AK at an unparalleled pace. Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and a litany of various other large tech players are producing a big splash of water in the wonderful world of manufactured cleverness. With só very much money on the line, it appears that the proliferation of unnatural cleverness can be described as less a query of “if” ánd even more something of “when. ”

Matt Badiali: Scientist Turned Financial Advisor

Matt Badiali was a student of science. He held an undergraduate degree in Earth science and a graduate degree in Geology when he was on his way to a Ph.D. That’s when fate intervened and a friend got him into the financial world. Since then, Matt Badiali has gone on to write for Banyan Hill Publishing Company, and other notable things.

It was Matt Badiali’s knowledge of geology that helped shape his future for the financial world. By knowing the value of certain natural resources, he was able to help advise clients and readers on where to best place their investment money.

Matt Badiali acknowledges in an interview with IdeaMensch that his master’s degree opened doors for him, and helped build the way for him to have the career that he currently has. Badiali opens up about the worst job he felt he ever had as an environmental geologist in Miami, Florida. He says the job was dirty, dangerous, and he felt the need to go back to school to be able to do something else for a living.

At the time, Badiali probably had no idea that one day he would be helping investors find the best investments to help build a better financial future for themselves. His newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, has helped a large network of readers from all over the world. And speaking of being all over the world, Matt Badiali is known for traveling all over the globe to speak to experts that will give valuable insight to his readers.

Badiali is currently based out of the Greater Miami area. He is known for his work at Banyan Hill, and for his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter. His presence in the natural resource department has skyrocketed his career. This is because Badiali believes in understanding the resources behind the market, not just the market itself.

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Talos Energy Ensuring Responsible Development

Considéring all of the celebrations involved with Mexico’s privatizatión are blasting fresh paths with every single stage of the procedure, this kind of upsurge in creation is amazing. Plus, it really is impórtant to keep in mind that Mexico’s reform had not been a complete privatization as México’s Ministry óf Energy provided the nationwide E&P opérator, Pemex, 83% of Mexico’s verified and probable hydrócarbon reserves departing just 21% of the countries potential assets to become bid on in “Ground Zero”.

With all the advantage of hindsight available to all of us, it really is sure that México’s checking of their particular oil areas has mainly producéd the intended outcomé of improving production and increasing effectiveness. 5 billion dollars at this time, you are Iikely creating a not too huge percentage. While these types of staunchly different positions summarize the polar ends from the political range, they neglect to explore the possibilities among. Earlier this Might, the NationaI Hydrocarbons Cómmission (CNH) announced thát “251 million barrels of essential oil comparative (be)” have been included to thé nationwide supplies because of this from the discovéries simply by personal international and local exploration and creation businesses. 5 billion dollars be.

To place this physique in the framework, México’s topic réserves amount is approximately 8. Supporters of nationalization argue that companies have a tendency to make use of their monopoly power disregarding thé public welfare from the communities they will provide. And regarding Mexico’s newly nationalized oil marketplaces, probably a 21st-century win solution is just around the corner. When a nation undergoes substantial energy change Like South America do in 2014, the final results may differ significantly.

In 2017, Talos Energy and organization were thé first personal group to drill an offshore well in Philippine background. E. – outlined Premier Essential oil and Riverstone- supported Sierra Oil &Gás, to start growing the Zama-1 block. In 2015, Talos Energy gained two of México’s fourteen brand-new blocks which were on offer in thé 1st circular of Mexico’s rent sale. TalosEngery joined consortium of businesses including U. Among the first international businesses to win an agreement from Mexico through the earliest times of putting in a bid was Talos Energy.

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Sussex Healthcare Become a Leader in the Market

Sussex Healthcare has been recognized in the past because of its milestones in the last two decades. The healthcare company is doing so well, but few people know the origin of the institution and why it is performing so well. First of all, the firm came into the market over twenty years ago. The first facility was established in Southern Coast, England. At the moment, however, the company boasts for operating twenty homes, and all have the best equipment. Sussex Healthcare has a special mission in the community. The founders of the healthcare company realized that senior members of the community were living miserable lives without the specialized care they deserved. The founders wanted to offer only the best services, and they had to hire professionals who had the knowledge so that everything could run in the right direction.

There are two joint chairmen who are believed to have played a leading role in starting Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani, an executive in the hotel section and Shafik Sachedina, a renowned medical professional based in the UK, has worked as a team since the first day to make the seniors happy. Despite their diverse backgrounds, these people have created an award winning firm that gives only the best to its customers around the globe. Shafik Sachedina worked as a dental surgeon in England for a long time. In the course of his career, the doctor realized that elderly members of the community needed to be handled by an institution that had the right equipment. His knowledge in healthcare is what makes Sussex Healthcare shine, despite the hardships in the market.

Not long ago, Shiraz and Sachedina announced some news. According to the executives, the residents living close to their company will enjoy the services of a new gym that has been opened. Sussex Healthcare has brought one of the best facilities in the region so that individuals with any physical problems can work out in the presence of professionals. The gym has all the modern state of the art facilities to ensure that its services are the best in the market.

OSI Group Investments Across The World

Most people are not concerned with where the food they eat comes from while purchasing at the supermarket or even restaurants. They did not know for a long time that they enjoyed food from a global food processing company OSI Food Company.

OSI Group headquarters are based in Aurora Illinois. The CEO Sheldon Lavin and president David McDonald is dedicated to expanding the reach of the company to meet the needs of all OSI Group clients. They have conducted various food plant purchases in different parts of the world. The company’s processed products are supplied to the supermarkets as well as being distributed consistently to the OSI Food Solutions restaurants across the Globe.

The main focus was on Europe, where OSI group purchased Baho Food Company. It is a Dutch company with different subsidiaries all over Germany and the Netherlands. Baho Food serves a wide range of customers across 18 countries in Europe. Under the new management Baho Food Company sales will increase rapidly as OSI Group has been in the market for a long time.

OSI Food Solution also purchased the Flagship Food company of Europe. The acquisition aims at supporting Flagship engage in new opportunities in Europe using the OSI tactics that promoted its success in the United States and Asia. Flagship acquisition gave OSI Group the mandate to control all the company’s production activities of frozen poultry, pies and condiments. The expansion of OSI Food Company did not stop in Europe they extended to Spain, Germany, and Chicago. In Chicago, OSI Company stopped the closure of Tyson Food plant by funding them with $7.4 million. This purchase secured nearly 500 jobs that would have been lost if the shutdown was completed.

According to David McDonald, the primary factor any food company should consider is the local based customer interests. OSI company invests heavily in learning the needs, tastes and preferences of their customers across the globe. OSI Food Solutions have adopted modern technology to enhance food safety. The new surveillance system has been installed to compensate the existing cameras. New firefighting system has also been installed to promote the security of both employees and the company resources.


Dick DeVos Saved A Potential Economic Disaster From Striking Grand Rapids, Michigan – But How?

Dick DeVos, best known as the husband of Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary of Education, is the former CEO of Amway and heir to the company’s co-founder, Richard DeVos. Mr. DeVos ran for public office in 2006, losing a close race to the incumbent Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm. Dick DeVos has done many things throughout his career, and the 63-year-old looks young enough to do it all over again.


Although he’s technically retired, Mr. DeVos belongs to the board of directors of several businesses and organizations. He spends most of his time tending to philanthropic endeavors and supporting his wife.


Let’s take a trip back in time


Back in 1991, a group of investors openly shared a plan to create an indoor arena just north of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. While arenas draw professional sports teams, concerts played by world-renowned acts, and popular conventions, all of which are great economic activities for the cities they’re located in, they take up a lot of room.


If those arenas don’t frequently draw crowds ranging in the tens of thousands of participants, they effectively become massive wastes of space.


With the memories of the Detroit Lions leaving the Pontiac Silverdome and the Detroit Pistons running away from the Palace of Auburn Hills in the 1970s, Dick DeVos knew he needed to lobby against the development of the arena investors wanted to bring to Grand Rapids.


Even though he was preoccupied with business at Amway, Dick found time to lobby against the investors and maintain stellar performance at his father’s company.


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me


Dick DeVos was quoted as saying, “that lesson was not lost on us,” referring to the two Detroit-based professional sports franchises leaving their respective stadiums in Detroit. He wondered so often how experienced businesspeople like those investors could forget about such a recent happening.


The longtime businessman found success in his endeavors to prevent the construction of that arena, efforts that indirectly formed Grand Action.


Grand Action is a super troupe of business leaders from across the state of Michigan that built structures including the medical school at Michigan State University, the Grand Rapids City Market, and the Van Andel Arena.


All of these structures, not to mention the dozens of others Grand Action is responsible for, are still put to good use in 2019.


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