Meet The Man Behind Blockchain Technology, Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is one of the individuals responsible for kicking off a new age in the digital world with blockchain technology. Technology has been expanding at an incredible rate over the past few decades with the technology world taking on things like easy global communication through mobile phones and the internet. Not only this, but there are new gadgets and forms of technology coming out on a yearly basis. Serge Belamant developed his blockchain technologies in the early 90s’ and the potential uses for this technology can help people throughout their daily lives with more security and easier transactions. Serge Belamant is the CEO of Net1 Technologies, which is steadily gaining pace in the technological industry.

Because of the undervalued stocks of Net1 Technologies, Serge’s organization will be able to control leading interest in their shares by 2023, assuming the trend stays on the same path. The UEPS technology that Serge first patent, is one of the first blockchain technologies that has formed the basis for many more to come in the future. These UEPS cards function like normal credit cards and debit cards for the most part in the user’s case. The technology within these cards allows them to be used for sales and complete transactions despite not being connected to any system or internet database at all. This was his amazing innovation in the sale industry when it was patented.

Thousands of consumers are benefitting from Serge invented technology today, especially since they reduce the possibility of fraud, which will likely make this technology critical in everyone’s future. Because blockchain technology allows for transactions to be analyzed and encrypted, then decrypted without giving any information, they enable the transaction of money to be very secure. There are many more possibilities in the financial industry for blockchain technology and it has been shown off quite a bit with the rise of cryptocurrencies.

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