The Journey Between OSI Group And McDonald

OSI Group has been a leading company when it comes to food services. The company has over a hundred years of experience providing meat products to its customers. The company has 65 facilities distributed across 17 countries. It has over 20,000 employees whose hard work has enabled millions of people to enjoy their services.

Otto Kolschowsky founded the company in 1909 under the name Otto and sons. McDonald entered into a business agreement when Kolschowsky sons, Arthur and Harry got into a handshake agreement with Ray Kroc. The deal was to allow the Kolschowsky brothers to supply fresh-grounded beef to the OSI Group McDonalds.

Over the years, various factors have contributed to the growth of OSI Group McDonalds success. In the 60s, a breakthrough in technology helped the OSI and other food suppliers expand their operations. Technology helped the suppliers to transport their products over a long distance by using liquid nitrogen to free the products. This helped the McDonald Corporation to open new restaurants in different countries away from the production facilities. They no longer had to fear to get spoiled products due to the long distances between the production facilities and their restaurants.

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Despite their small beginning, both companies have worked hard to achieve their successes. They have had to take various risks, form new alliances and spend a fortune into equipment and constructions. McDonald restaurant is currently among the leading restaurants with the help of quality products from OSI Group McDonalds.

Since McDonald is OSI main client, the company makes millions from producing products to the restaurant. OSI had also created a facility that only deals with manufacturing products for the McDonald product line. Due to a successful partnership, OSI Group was ranked #58 on Forbes list of largest private companies with a sales worth of $6.1 billion. In July 2018, one of its subsidiaries in Australia merged with Turi Foods to create one enterprise.

OSI Group McDonalds hope to continue this partnership. They have both benefited a lot from the years of working together from small local shops to big international organizations.


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