Sussex Healthcare, your Partner in Providing Personalized Professional Care

Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning group of homes that operates primarily in Sussex. The company focuses on providing care for the elderly, especially those affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The organization also assists adults affected by neurological disorders that impair physical and learning capacity. Currently, Sussex healthcare operates 20 homes to provide a person-centered care package and create a “home away from home” environment.

Sussex Healthcare keeps up to date with the latest technologies for better well-being of their patients. The company’s range of services includes daycare, a special gymnasium, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy pools, holistic therapy, and sensory rooms. The homes also follow dietary requirements and try to source the ingredients locally. Some of the homes have gardens. Due to the variation in patients, transport to the facilities is available for clients.

A team of dedicated and committed staff runs the homes. The workers go beyond the requirements of their employment terms to offer selfless and individualized care to their clients. The support is available 24/7. The workers strive to make those under their feel dignified and respected.

To maintain professionalism, Sussex Healthcare has in-house training for the staff. The management ensures that continuous education and quality compensation is given to keep the homes running to their optimum. Apart from competitive salaries, the staff also enjoys uniforms, pension program, transport, subsidized accommodation rates, paid vacations and career enhancement opportunities. Read more on

The homes have been in operation since 1985. Its two joint chairmen combined their unique skills to establish a successful business. Mr. Shiraz Boghani is an experienced businessman, hotelier, and manager while ShafikSachedina is a qualified dentist. Both backgrounds have served well in the establishment of the group of homes.

As of March 2018, the company welcomed Amanda Morgan Taylor as the new CEO. Given her experience in the healthcare industry as a mental health nurse and various leadership positions, Sussex Healthcare is in safe hands. Amanda Morgan has held leadership positions at Cambrica Limited, Craegmoor Healthcare, and Embrace Group. Besides having a passion for providing better care for the elderly and people with cognitive development issues, Amanda Taylor also has skills in compliance and auditing making her a natural fit for the position.


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