Ted Bauman Presents Accessible Content to His Growing Readership

Ted Bauman is a financial expert, as well as the editor of columns such as The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Mr. Bauman has enjoyed a significant readership by presenting complex, and in some cases, mundane, financial information to his audience in a manner that is narratively engrossing, as well as accessible to his audience. Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman spent the better part of 25 years abroad, working primarily as an executive in South Africa’s nonprofit sector. After growing up in the Washington D.C. area, he emigrated to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town. While a student, he garnered postgraduate degrees in Economics and History. Today, he resides in Atlanta, GA with his family.

Ted Bauman’s workday usually begins around 5 am, where he researches the latest trends regarding the most important topics to readers and subscribers. Over the years, he has noticed a growing trend amongst his audience, in being that they are becoming increasingly aware of the declining nature of the US economy. This has prompted many of them to ask questions, while also seeking new and applicable solutions. According to Ted Bauman, many of these problems are a result of the free capital movement, which is void of adequate governmental regulation. Although he is not a proponent of government involvement in these issues, the fact that his audience is aware of the circumstances, and are willing to find solutions, signifies a monumental shift.

As an economic expert, Ted Bauman consistently champions financial sovereignty, as well as the protection of accrued wealth. In order to do so, he recommends developing a balanced point of view regarding the stock market, as well as investing in both, stocks and bonds. Because of the monies available through stock investing, most investors seem to negate investing in bonds. By his estimation, this is an oversight, as investing in bonds can help to protect your wealth during times of market volatility. Investing in bonds allows the investor to accrue wealth through monthly dividends, instead of daily fluctuations, and have historically been deemed much safer than their counterpart.

Jason Hope Contributes To The SENS Foundation

Finally, people can get what they have always hoped to get. Rejuvenation Biotechnologies is promising people eternal youth, something that everyone wants to have. SENS Foundation has been researching about this issue for a couple of years, and the people behind the research and the foundation believe that they have finally found the solution to aging.

Jason Hope, a philanthropist, and entrepreneur, joined the SENS Foundation some years back with the objective of finding a solution to aging. While sharing his thoughts about the foundation and its objective, Jason Hope noted that the foundation’s involvement in anti-aging entails more than just helping people live youth forever. Jason explained that the anti-aging solution offered by the foundation is about enhancing the quality of life to create a longer life than before.

Jason joined the SENS Foundation in 2010. He donated $500,000 to the foundation’s laboratory that was dealing with the anti-aging research. Additionally, Hope continued to support the foundation’s goal by contributing an additional $ 1 million. Jason Hope has in the past supported several technical issues, which he does so by finding out the technology trends in the market. Jason has a track record of discovering technology trends, which explains why he is commonly referred to as a leading futurist in the United States.

About SENS Foundation
Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Foundation is dedicated to coming up with anti-aging solutions without harming the human body. According to the foundation, animals like tortoise have a strong trait of not experiencing aging signs. The strong trait in such animals ensures that the chances of dying for the organism don’t increase as it ages. Unfortunately, human beings don’t have this trait because just like automobiles break down with age, the necessary metabolic activities in human beings break down as you ages. Consequently, humans are more prone to susceptible diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease as they become older than before. However, a young person can contract these diseases, but the risk factors are not as high as those of an older person.

SENS Foundation, through its able scientists, understood what they needed to do with the $500,000 donated to them by Jason Hope. The foundation used the money to discover ways of preventing the bonding of artery-cell proteins. The foundation noted that the move was aimed at preventing the hardening of arteries to avoid triggering high blood pressure. The medical sector treats illnesses after a patient has been diagnosed with the disease. However, supporters of the rejuvenation biotechnologies have a dream of avoiding that trend and ensuring that the medical community pays attention to preventative medicine so that people can live longer and healthier lives than before.

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Trabuco Bradesco: A Leader In Banking

He was born in Marilla, Brazil. Luis Carlos Trabuco, took the helm for the leadership of Brazil’s largest bank as Chief Executive Officer. He has been working for Bradesco Bank for nearly 40 years and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Executive staff say Luis Carlos Trabuco Bradesco banking career was meant to be at their bank. He has shown tremendous wisdom and professionalism when it continues to being persistent, which has help him have a very successful career. Read more about Trabuco Bradesco at globo.com.

At a mere age of 18 years old back in 1969, Trabuco Bradesco banking involvement began with his career in banking at the Bradesco Marilia’s branch. Only two years later, he found himself at São Paulo, the banks office headquarters. It didn’t take him long to move up the ranks and have a successful career in 1984 where he became the banks leader of marketing. From 1992 to 1998, he took on the Executive Director role and became president of Bradesco’s exclusive private pension business. A 1999, he career path brought him to the Executive Vice President position. It was in 2003, when he became the President of the companies insurance business. Trabuco Bradesco years show he has been a member of the bank’s board of directors from 1999 to 2005.

As of today he sits on the board of directors of Banco Bradesco,SA, and is Vice Chairman. In addition to that, while he was working in that capacity, from 2003 to 2009 the the Bradesco Seguros Group group welcomed him as Chairman. Finally in 2009, they made him Chief Executive Officer Bradesco bank. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at Crunchbase.

From his productive work ethics at Bradseco’s insurance group, Luiz Carlos Trabuco made it to the top as president. While he took the role overseeing management, the company doubled its customer base under his management style to a leadership merger in Brazil. It shows that the insurer had a 25 percent hold on the market and it soon became one of the largest insurance business in Latin America. This has allowed the insurance group to have a 35% in net income. Luiz Trabuco Bradesco presence is known throughout the banking Latin area.

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OSI Industries Success Through Rebranding

With more than sixty-five facilities that hold over twenty thousand employees within fifteen countries, OSI Industries is considered a success due to their expanding presence in the food distribution market. However, OSI industries weren’t the brand name built by the German Immigration boom in Chicago, Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky, but instead as a butcher shop and meat supplier company. Otto Kolschowosky saw an open market in the German immigration boom, for immigrants who came to set up fields of crops and invest in farmland.

Later, through time his butcher shop and meat supplying company were rebranded as Otto & Sons. One of their first success was becoming a distributor of beef for Ray Kroc, the CEO of McDonald’s. This was due to Ray Kroc buying out the franchise from the McDonald’s brothers, and having an ambition of taking over the American casual dining industry. This led to Otto & Sons to become a known presence after McDonald’s became a successful brand across the United States of America.

In addition, do the increase in need of the food supply industry, Otto & Son later cut their ties with Ray Kroc to expand nationally, however, still providing beef for the fast-food chain. This led Otto & Son to purchase a facility only to produce and distribute meat to McDonald’s. Due to this change, Otto & Sons rebranded their names to OSI Industries and purchased more facilities to meet the increasing demand for processed meat in the United States.

Furthermore, OSI Industries later started a joint venture with K&K Foods to increase their productions of foods, but also to get more exposure in the market. This led the Industry through contracts to become a 6.1 billion dollars privately owned food development distribution company.

OSI Industry is a supplier of foods for branded food stores, and food service companies. The industries resources expand due to being privately own and well managed. OSI Industries help other retail brands and food service companies by managing their inventory and developing food products that they deliver to these companies.

Milan Kordestani Thrives as a Farmer

The Milan Farms have been around since the beginning of 2015. Saffron, as well as organic poultry products, are currently in good supply thanks to the vision of Milan Kordestani, the founder of the farms. He started out with the hope of bringing up poultry in an organic system. This was coupled with a plan to have saffron that was not adulterated in any way. Where did all these come from?

Early life

The young farmer did not enjoy a straightforward upbringing. The divorce of his parents, while he was still young, takes most of the blame for this. He attended elementary school in California before moving to England where he switched schools a good number of times.

Kordestani joined Sacred Heart Preparatory after attending Eaton Square School for a year. His family finally settled in Bay Area and in 2017 he completed his high school studies.


At 10 years old, Milan developed a keen interest in horse riding. A terrible experience while trail riding did not deter him. He simply dusted himself and was back at it again. He was a beginner at Atherton. Milan soon joined world champion horse competitions and won his first crown in 2015.

He competed in the World Horse Championship the same year and finished in fourth place. He gained his highest ranking the following year. He was second best in his age split during the World Championship Horse Show.

Milan farms

The idea for this venture came during his second year in high school. He sourced his first products from farms in different parts of the country. He went into uncharted territory when he chose to use microfibre sponges to grow saffron.

Organic as well as free range eggs are currently available at the farm. They do not keep their clients in the dark concerning the methods they use to develop their products. The plant section is exclusively organic. The animals, on the other hand, are raised transparently.

In 2016, the farm developed its trademark. They have three farms under their wings enabling them to widen their client base. The aquaponic and hydroponic systems used to grow saffron attests to how they embrace innovation. Milan also writes for the Huffington Post.


Meet the CEO of the Prestigious OSI Industries; Sheldon Lavin

The accomplishments of other individuals encourage us to keep moving on our journeys. It gives us hope of overcoming the storms that we are facing. Sheldon Lavin is an inspiration to many individuals. He is the CEO and owner of the OSI Industries. Note that Sheldon Lavin did not start as an owner of the firm. It is his continued contribution to the organization that led him to own the firm. After his finance and accounting education, Lavin wanted to start a firm that could distribute products that people use daily, as well as food products. The first move was to become a financial consultant, so he began his consultancy firm. He knew that many companies could need money to expand their enterprises. He was right about that.

Soon after he began his company, the Otto & Sons approached him for financial support to expand their organization. After listening to their plan, Sheldon believed in their dream and financed the Otto & Sons. It was not long before the father’s sons retired and they requested Lavin to join as a partner. Later, Sheldon Lavin decided to serve in the OSI Industries on a full-time basis.The firm has grown, and it has been able to reach very many people. OSI Industries has dominated the China market. The time the OSI Industries has been serving the residence has contributed to the popularity of the firm.

The occupants trust the firm. The OSI Industries also understand the needs of the residents and values their feedback which has led to the creation of long-term relationships with the clients. Sheldon Lavin says that when he was beginning his business, there were times he lost confidence in his skills. However, he had to go ahead with his dream. He had to try. It was later after experiencing his breakthrough with the OSI Industries that he became confident.The perseverance that he had in the process of trying to make his dream work led to him being awarded the Global Visionary Award. India’s Vision World Academy gives the award to the entrepreneurs who went through thick and thin to actualize their dream despite the circumstances.

Here’s The Article To Learn More About DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Recent Engagements

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has never been busier. He has a lot of engagements today especially after building networks, associations and projects with new influential people in his circle. One of these networks with the United States President Donald Trump. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani had already built a relationship with the United States as he was starting his catering company way back when he was still starting as an entrepreneur. But the business portfolio of DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani doesn’t stop there. His work spans across social work and other diversified investments in the field of real estate and property development.

It is even detailed in the business portfolio of Sajwani found in his official website that DAMAC is involved in a lot of new, exciting luxury projects. DAMAC is expanding. DAMAC is treading paths that had not been explored before. Uncharted territory is always a source of excitement to Sajwani, and with the projects of DAMAC expanding in United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom, more can be expected from Sajwani’s leadership.

In terms of investment, the most forward-thinking project of Sajwani’s leadership is the DICO Investments Co LLC. It is his flagship investment channel that had been established in 1992 with a total asset worth of about AED 3 billion that is spread across the regions that DAMAC is investing in. It may even be added that such income had been spread around strategic holdings and long-term investments in high-rising banks.

It may also be said that Sajwani’s educational background came from the University of Washington, after which he began his career by being the Contracts Manager in GASCO, which was a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). On 1982, he finally found the courage to start his own catering venture. And then from there, the rest is history. Over the years of working for DAMAC and his projects, Sajwani has been able to gather all the know-how in the field of property development, marketing, sales and legal finance. With those years of experience, Sajwani is now considered to be a leading expert in the field of bringing the best, profitable and even luxury residential properties to various clients.

More info here: https://dubai.dubizzle.com/ar/property-for-sale/residential/apartment/in/dubai-marina/63/at/damac-heights/377/nullnull

End Citizens United Continues To Stand Strong In Backing Democrats

It is now not a crime for any person whether rich or poor to spend money on any elections. At least, this is a ruling that was reached by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010. Back then, the case that was before the court involved End Citizens United and F.E.C. The case touched on very important issues that have marred U.S. elections for many years. But since the ruling, it is now easy for anyone to spend money on any political party as they want.

The court maintained that the term ‘corporations’ can mean people because no single is made up of only buildings. Each corporation, whether small or large is made up of people. Besides, it gave interest groups as well as wealthy people to use millions of dollars in campaigns as they wish. On hearing about the ruling, End Citizens United embarked on a campaign to collect money from those that were willing to donate. According to political analysts, the ruling meant that it is now easy to buy an election in the U.S. It doesn’t matter which side the candidate is. As long as the candidate or party can afford to rally its people to donate, the candidate can have a better chance to win the election.

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It is for this reason End Citizens United was formed back on March 1, 2015. The aim was to try much as they can to combat large spending that comes with elections. The group agrees that it is not easy to stop people from spending during an election. The founder understands that in every election, there must be spending. All they wanted was to combat careless expenditure.

On their official website, endcitizensunited.org, End Citizens United categorically says that they do not get their money for a few selfish people whose intention is to change the way people vote but the use of money. The site says that their money comes from small donations that people make. In doing this, End Citizens United wants to ensure that true patriots who stand for the rights of the common people are elected in big office. In the end, they want people to learn a lesson that it is not necessary to have big money in order to win an election.

The Successful Career of Robert Ivy

The Successful Career of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Vice President of the AIA, an abbreviation for the American Institute of Architects. The company which is based in Washington has over 90,000 members. AIA is an organization constituting professional architects, supporting their profession and public image. Robert became the CEO of the company in early 2011. The architect attended the South University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Arts. He then joined the University of Tulane where he got a postgraduate degree in Architecture.

His Successful Career

After he completed his university studies, Robert Ivy began his career as the Editor Chief at Architectural Record in 1996. This experience improved his knowledge, and because of his professionalism, Record had been named the architectural journal of the year. Under his leadership, Robert led the journal to receive several awards including the Editors’ National Magazine awards. Furthermore, he has steered the record towards achieving a folio design award and the MPA digital award in 2008.

Robert Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award

Recently, the architect received the Lifetime Achievement Award which was offered by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. It was the first time an architect received such an award that is always given only to Mississippi-connected art patrons and artists who are dedicated to performing and creating art. Because of the award, he joined the list of distinguished artists who have been honored by Polk Award including actor Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, Walter Anderson, and Shelby Foote.

About Robert Ivy

Robert is a renowned senior member of design futures council. Because of his highly-rated design value, he was voted by Alpha Rho Chi as the master architect. He published his biography in 2001 in which he is currently in its third edition. Robert Ivy is very passionate about making AIA a competent association. He popularizes the organization through public outreach, advocacy channels, and education initiatives. Robert also encourages public awareness of the organization to showcase the value of architects. Since he joined AIA, he has managed to scale its heights.

New Business Adventure by Fortress Investment Group

Even after its acquisition by SoftBank Group, Fortress Investment Group has continued to operate independently under the management of its three principals. The multi-billion company acquired Fortress Group on a cash transaction that cost them $3.3 billion. After the completion of the acquisition transaction, many people and especially investors were worried about the fate of Fortress Investment Group. However, the three presidents of Fortress assure its clients and potential clients that the operations of the firm would run as usual, under their leadership but still under Softbank. The only impact was the transfer of all the outstanding Fortress shares to the acquiring company, SoftBank.

Peter Briger, the man who spearheaded the acquisition process, confirmed to the public that the move by Fortress Investment Group was only to the advantage of Fortress since the firm would leverage its capital on the SoftBank’s large capital base which is mainly focused on the transport, technology and telecommunication sectors of the economy. This has been taken with no doubt by the investors since Peter Briger, the principal who was outsourced from Goldman Sachs in 2002, is a reputable leader who is renowned for his aptitude in making sound financial and investment decisions. Briger was the same man behind the historical event of 2007 that saw Fortress Investment Group go public.

The company announced its move of providing its initial public offer at a time when no other company of its status had ever done that. To the risk-averse investors, it was considered a perilous decision and a decision that was scary. However, the aftermath was respect and a well-built reputation for the company in the eyes of the public. Other firms in the investment industry that were impressed by the initiative copied the move and went public too.Peter Briger has also introduced a new culture at Fortress Investment Group where the company participates in corporate social responsibilities. These include participation in activities that are geared towards the conservation of the environment and also improving the welfare of the community as a whole. For example, Fortress has segregated a fund that grants education support to the children from needy families.