Jason Hope: Future Advancements in Airline Technology

Some of the things that are going to matter the most in the airline industry are customer service and safety. In fact, highly regarded futurist Jason hope believes that the airline industry is currently taking steps to implement ways to control these constructs within their field. An article, “Tapping in: Jason Hope Reveals How IOT Is Revamping the Airline Industry”, discusses some of his predictions for the airline industry as well as some of the steps that officials have already taken to increase the positive experiences with this form of travel. He believes that as more information is known, and technology grows, the airline industry will update and adapt as well.

The way that the airlines will be able to do this is by utilizing items that are on the network of the Internet of things, often referred to as the IOT. The IOT is simply any device that is able to connect to the Internet and communicate freely with other devices all around the world. Anyone that is familiar with the Internet will understand the significance of IOT devices. Such devices are already in use when it comes to air travel, but many airlines are looking to expand their presence within other aviation technology.

Safety is going to be one of the biggest ways that IOT is going to change the industry. Using wireless beacons, the size of a small sticker, maintenance staff will be able to monitor the engine of a plane while it is still in flight. This gives them an edge over such instances because they are able to secure the parts necessary to make the plane safe and ready to continue its flight. Such technology will help to decrease delays and increase reliance on the safety of these devices. It may come to a point where maintenance workers are checking these devices more than the actual equipment because of their accuracy.

Jason Hope explains that customer service is also going to be a major part of the revamp. Travelers will be able to check in in a variety of ways, sometimes not even needing to speak with someone. This automation will make it easier for them to travel through the airport and he even speaks of devices that can track them as they move through. These proposed technologies are quite exciting and represent a new age in tech. Jason Hope continues to remain excited about these wonderful advancements in airline technology.

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