Upwork Tips for To-Do Lists that Flow with Your Day

Upwork is the leading company that matches freelancers with work from clients that are looking for a cost-effective way to hire people. Upwork allows people to interview, get paid and find new projects all in one place. To be successful in a remote working environment, many people rely on a to-do list.

One of the first things Upwork suggests is to write everything down. Writing everything down is a way to stay focused on what is important and clear your mind of lingering tasks.

Preparing your to-do list in advance is important because it won’t eat up high-energy time in the mornings. Your mornings should be left for those tasks that are harder to accomplish or have a high priority.

All of your tasks should be in one spot. If you use an app or a notebook, everything should be recorded in one place, so you aren’t searching for tasks.

Record how much time your task should take, and when you should accomplish the task is just as important as listing your task on your to-do list. This will help you prioritize your day and know when your schedule is full.

Labeling tasks on your to-do list with what priority they will take during your day will help you dedicate energy to the more important items.

Upwork suggests evaluating your overwhelm and procrastination. If there are specific tasks that cause this to happen, try delegating. If you can get rid of a task that makes you stressed, this can help keep your day going smoothly.

Combining similar tasks will help you feel like there is a good flow to your day. Allot times for all of your phone calls in one batch, or send off your emails one after another.

Stay on top of your energy throughout the day by monitoring your lows and highs and coordinating them with low and high priority tasks.

Upwork is in the business of keeping freelancers working, and a great to-do list is one of the first steps to success.

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