Lime Crime Spring Beauty Palette

Let’s talk about eye-shadow. Eye-shadow is a beautiful addition to your makeup routine that should not be ignored. The product was designed to take your makeup to another level. Of course, there are the everyday shadows that add just a touch of glamour to your look. In addition, there are the ultra glamorous shadows that girls like to wear on those special occasions. Fortunately, Lime Crime created a wonderful line of spring eye shadow palettes in a wide variety of colors that will get you through any occasion with style.

Venus 3 Palettes

Plenty of girls think that it takes a vibrant, eye shadow to complete their total look. The Venus Palettes are designed to finish a girl’s looks in a bold statement. The palette includes eye popping colors like dream, beam, heavenly, rapture, ecstasy, paradise. The colors range from a shimmering lilac, lovely lavender, rose gold, to gorgeous earthy browns. All of the colors are very trendy this season. All the colors will stay in place for hours and will not creep around your lids.

Create A Great Eye Appealing Look

Here is a way to create a very intense and bold look for your eyes. Take a neutral shade and run it over your eyelid. Next, apply a darker brown tone or bolder color in deep rose or lavender over that color. Blend the colors together and sweep up to just under the eyebrows. Add just a bit of darker color to the crease in the eye to define the line. This is a quick and easy method to apply the shadows. Take the time to experiment with all the colors to discover the looks that really pop on you. Switch up the colors every day to express yourself and the way that you are feeling at the moment.

About Lime Crime

It is interesting to note that all the products in the makeup line are vegan and animal cruelty free. The company’s founder is Doe Deere. She is on a mission to create makeup that allows all girls and boys to express their creativity in a fun way.

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