The Midterm Elections Will Be Trying Times For Ends Citizens United

The Big Money 20, a list of politicians known to have links o big money interests, are up for reelection this year and End Citizens United wants to do everything it can to make sure that the Big Money 20 are out of office. It isn’t a particularly difficult goal when you realize that so many of these on the lost have been involved in unsavory ordeals.

All you need to do is take those that seem to be most vulnerable and give their opponent the funding necessary to succeed. So far it seems that End Citizens United has done a great job of making sure that this happens.

The most amazing thing about the midterms is that it has brought people out who normally don’t get involved in politics. Those who are tired of Trump and what he has done are looking for ways to help fight against what he has done. This is where the PAC comes into play. They are doing everything they can to make sure that people understand what is at stake. Once people realize what they’re trying to do they’ll realize here is a serious need to devote ourselves to doing everything and anything to fight against corporate takeover of politics through campaign contributions.

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There are certainly reasons to believe that the midterms are going to go in the favor of the Democrats. We can see from polls that the left is now favored in the midterms by double digit points. That turn of events is making it much more likely that the GOP loses its control over Congress and opens it up to the left. If Democrats can take back Congress, they can help to undo the damage that has been done with the Citizens United Supreme Court case that happened 8 years ago.

End Citizens United was created with a specific goal in mind and it wants to make sure that we end big money in politics. Everything so far seems to be going in the favor of the Democrats. They are ahead in the polls, their base is enthusiastic, and there is greater interest in this midterm than previous ones. The Big Money 20 are going to have a hard time staying afloat as more people decide they want to have their voice heard. Let’s just hope the turnout in this midterm election is exactly what it needs to be.


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