Richard Blair’s Pillars of Success

Richard Blair is the owner of a company called Wealth Solutions, Inc. It’s based out of Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that has a base of $52 million. It has been in the industry since 1994. Blair founded the company just one year after graduating from college. His success continues to grow and he looks to help clients plan for a successful retirement.

Blair’s approach to financial retirement is based on a concept that he developed. It’s called the three pillars. They’re developed as a map for his clients to go by. This makes it easier to follow. He has found great success with this strategy and stands behind it.

First Pillar

This is the first step. It’s in this pillar that he looks at all the client’s information. This includes goals, risks, growth opportunities and more. This is the building and planning stage. This step is crucial to success because it is what the other steps are based on.

Second Pillar

This pillar is where Blair takes into account the market. He will move things around to benefit the client more and keep them from moving backward. He takes the historical data that he has accumulated and compares it to market trends. This is to make sure there is no negative impact on the client’s goals and outcomes.

Third Pillar

On this pillar, everything’s planned. A roadmap is devised for the client to continue to follow. This is the step when he implements the changes that he has made. He will give clients step by step instructions to be successful. He also devises plans to take if anything should arise. Life is unpredictable and he makes sure that clients are prepared for anything that could happen in life.

Richard Blair is a man that has dedicated his life to helping others. He has devised a proven concept. This concept will help clients become financially stable in retirement.


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