Samuel Strauch: Building Success

Armed with Degrees from three different, prestigious universities; Hofstra, Erasmus and Harvard University, Samuel Strauch could have gone into pretty much any business he wished to. At first, he joined the banking industry and cut his teeth in finance. After having learned how to navigate the maze of the financial world, he decided to move to Florida to join his family’s real estate business. Building on his success at his family-owned business, he decided to branch out and start his own real estate business and named it Metrik Real Estate.

Why Florida?

When Samuel Strauch visited South Florida, Miami to be precise, he noticed that the business climate for real estate was changing rapidly. This is mostly due to the fact that Miami was changing from being a vacation/party destination, to a true metropolis where people were moving to settle down and start a new life. After all, Miami is also known as the Latin American gateway. People from around the world were starting to notice this change and Samuel decided he wanted to get into the action. He started by being a broker of sorts, connecting international clients with local investors.

Success to Success

As the principal at Metrik Real Estate, Samuel Strauch has achieved phenomenal success. Today, he is involved in the acquisition, property development and management, and equity sourcing. He credits his success partly because he traveled a lot in Latin America and came into contact with well heeled investors. This, coupled with the timing of Miami starting to change into a serious business destination helped speed things up. When it comes to hiring staff members, he gives priority to hiring people who are disciplined and have a good sense of ethics. Samuel is also an avid participant in charitable causes and dabbles in art collection and photography in his free time.

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