Dr. Mark Mofid Develops New Gluteal Augmentation Implant

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgeon in Southern California. He specializes in research that is focused on making surgeries involving implants safer, such as his work on gluteal augmentation. He developed a new implant for this surgery which is both safer as well as more natural looking. Many of his peers in the industry are now using this implant when conducting gluteal augmentation surgery.

Right after entering the world of plastic surgery Dr. Mark Mofid identified many things that could be really improved upon. He says when he started the gluteal augmentation implants had a lot of problems. Chief among these was that they just didn’t work with a person’s muscle structure which would inevitably lead to them slipping down. He performed a lot of research over the next eight years and his invention doesn’t have these issues. His implants stay exactly where they are supposed to.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s practice serves the Chula Vista, La Jolla, and Del Mar areas in and around San Diego.

He has been board-certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He says his clinical staff is made up of him and a dermatologist, who happens to be his wife, and well as a full-time nurse. In addition to performing elective surgeries he also offers laser services. Each year several thousand patients obtain services at his practice.

Over the course of his career Dr. Mark Mofid has seen a lot of new technology hyped in the industry only to fall flat in actual practice. This includes technologies such as Endermologie, laser fat treatments, and thread lifting among others. He says he sticks with a Cutera laser in his practice because it is tried and true and just plain works well. He uses this laser to treat veins and for the removal of hair.

As for how he advertises his business, he says that he mainly uses word of mouth. It’s less expensive to go this route and you get to compete on the quality of the work that you do.


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