Susan McGalla Advising Women on How To Move Up The Career Path The Right Way

The story of Susan McGalla’s success in the corporate world to become a successful women executive is highly inspiring and motivating, especially to the women. Susan McGalla is all about breaking the glass ceiling and ensuring that the women get their rights to be positioned equally in the corporate world. She is the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers, and her vision and business strategies have helped the company to grow heaps and bounds under her watch. Susan has also headed companies like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle in the past.

Susan McGalla says that there are many deserving women professionals out there, who can be in a better position if the companies have in-house mentorship programs. Susan McGalla means that there are many women empowerment programs that have been in place for years, but it hasn’t been able to make much of a dent in the otherwise male-dominated corporate world to make enough space for women. Susan agrees that while the rate of women employment has entirely gone up in recent years, it has not helped many women to get the executive level positions that many women may deserve.

To the women who want to make it big in the corporate world, she has some suggestions, one of which includes completing education with good grades. Susan McGalla says that women must remain focused on their education and career if they want to make it big in this highly competitive corporate arena. The biggest problem with women these days is that they drop out of college for small jobs or due to financial issues, but it can make or break an entire career of a woman.

Susan McGalla says that apart from good education, women must make sure that they prepare and organize their finances accordingly to pay for higher education from the very beginning. She says that the companies should also provide deserving women professional with sponsorship, which would help the women to move on higher in their career path without issues. Susan McGalla feels that there are many worthy women out there, and mentoring them can help them achieve their dream career goals.

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