Jason Hope Funds Extended and Healthier Life

One thing that people are faced with in their lives is their mortality. One of the major problems with mortality is aging. With aging comes a ton of different diseases. For one thing, aging weakens the immune system which leaves people vulnerable to more diseases. Other issues that come with an aging immune system is a slower metabolism. This explains why a lot of older people tend to fill out more. Fortunately, there are a lot of initiatives being funded in order to come up with new types of treatments that can slow down aging for people. People can live longer and healthier lives.

These initiatives are being funded by people such as Jason Hope. He is one of the people that are very interested in health and what technology can do to take care of a lot of diseases. He is hoping to bring a lot of reform to the healthcare industry. He has a lot of plans that he is pursuing. Among the plans he his pursuing is having people change their approach to health care. The current mode of health care is failing a lot of people, and Jason Hope knows why that is. They focus on waiting until the person has the disease before they treat it and by then it could be too late. In order to help with the shift, he has worked with people such as Aubrey de Grey.

Jason Hope is also very interested in the future of technology. He sees how helpful technology can be when it comes to saving lives as well as other activities. One of the most important pieces of technology to him is the Internet of Things. IOT involves not just mobile devices and computers being connected but also items such as cups and appliances being connected.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

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