Telereal’s CEO Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards has been the CEO of Telereal since its inception in 2001. He has made great efforts to lead the com pant to success. He managed a deal between Telereal and BT resulting in 6,700 properties worth £2.4bn, to be transferred to Telereal. In January of 2009, he managed a series of negations between Telereal and Land Securities Group Plc. Resulting in Telereal acquiring the company Trillium.

Before his time at Telereal, Edwards was Talisman Global Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer. Before this, he held a position at Merril Lynch and a position at BT Group.

Both Telereal and Trillium have a long history. Trillium got its start in 1997 when it was created in order to get a property portfolio from the Department for Land and Pensions. It got this property portfolio the next year in 1998. In 2000 Trilliums name was changed to Land Securities Trillium after it was acquired by Land Securities. This same year Trillium obtained the property portfolio of the BBC.

Trillium would go on to attain even more property portfolios over the years, acquiring Norwich Unions and Barclays Bank’s portfolios in 2004 and Birmingham City Council and the Royal Mail’s portfolios in 2008. The same year, Trillium also acquired properties from the Royal Bank of Scotland. It also made a partnership with AMEC and Prudential plc Investment Management.

Telereal was created in 2000 with the goal of receiving British Telecom’s property portfolio, which it did. Telereal went on to acquire both O2 and Airwave’s portfolios in 2002 (

Telereal and Trillium became one in 2009 after Trillium was acquired by Telereal from the Land Securities Group Plc.

Graham Edwards is an active member in several circles, holding memberships in the Institute of Charted Accountants, and several other organizations and Fellowships. He also read Economics at Cambridge.


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