Chris Linksa a Veteran Investor

Investors must always desire to gain more knowledge about their sector. For instance, customers want to know what is going on in the markets, how stocks are trading as well as the economy. Investors should always be able to provide this information anytime a client comes up with such questions. Hence, investors should learn always. However, there are five strategies that investors must know and understand. Chris Linkas argues that there are aspects of an investment that categorize investors. For example, as much as investors should learn always, it is not possible to know everything. Thus, the first strategy claims that investors cannot know everything. The market is ever-changing and growing and so investors might not have the full details of what is going on always. Though they have information about clients’ portfolios, company leaders as well as data about markets, they can never know everything (

According to Linkas, investors should not rush to trade due to the trending news. The ”Sell on News” forms the second strategy. There will always be news about trending stocks now and again but a good investor will stick to their goals. Investors should never be triggered to make a trading decision due to the news. The third principle is that any stock or sectors can decline anytime the market is hit. When the market shits, it affects all the stocks including the self-protected ones thus leading to their decline. Moreover, Rumors will always be there but as an investor relying on them always might lead to a wrong decision. Most of the rumors are never true thus the forth strategy. The last strategy claims that investors should not forever ignore a stock. Hit stocks can bounce back.

The company that Linkas works for provides investment management counsel for investment funds, companies, and managed accounts. Chris has headed the European credit based in London since 2012. He was also the head of 20Persons European credit group where he dealt with opportunistic principal investments in areas with UK Euro regions. Chris Linkas has investment expertise in corporate loans, non-performing loan securities, real estate, leases, secondary LP interests and many more. According to Linkas, the main error investors make is to keep hoping on a trailing investment judging the market to be wrong.


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