Telereal – The Masterpiece of Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards a reputed real estate capitalist in London, is the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, a significant part of the real estate property investment and management segment in the United Kingdom. Since the establishment of Telereal, Graham has proven himself to be an outstanding leader when it comes to essential property purchases made by the corporation. Telereal Trillium has an extensive portfolio of more than £6 billion that has a total floor area of approximately 85 million square feet. The company handles an enormous percentage of commercial properties within the UK.

As a real leader, Edwards instigated majority of Telereal’s dealings, which included the 6,700 property transmissions from BT Group Plc to Telereal that amounted to £2.4 billion. The merging of the two firms formed what is at present Telereal Trillium a reputable name in property investment and outsourcing. The union of the two businesses boosted the company’s income by approximately £1 billion.


Background of Graham Edwards

Before Graham Edward’s occupation in Telereal, he has been employed by Talisman Global Asset Management as its Chief Investment Officer. Before this, he was the account manager at Merrill Lynch Investment and was the head of BT Group’s property branch.

Graham’s experience with the past companies he worked with gave him in-depth expertise and knowledge to create and manage Telereal Trillium and make it one of the best property management companies in London and the UK.

Telereal Trillium has its central office in London, and it deals with the management and investment of commercial properties. The company’s ordinary shares are in the possession of the William Pears Group EBT and the B Pears Trust. It has a contract with the Department for Work and Pensions to oversee their job center buildings.

Telereal Trillium is continuously building its reputation within the UK property industry. To date, the company is overseeing over 8,000 properties and has forged strong business ties with UK’s most prominent property owners that include DVLA and BT. Aside from being one of UK’s most prominent real estate industry companies, it is similarly one of the top revenue grosser based on the government’s receipt. With its non-stop expansion for the past couple of years, Telereal Trillium is projected to grow further with the leadership of Graham Edwards.

Although a very busy man, Graham Edwards still finds time to work on his philanthropic activities and is taking up his MA on war studies at London’s King College.



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