Graham Edwards Telereal Real Estate Career

Graham Edwards Telereal is a prominent business leader. He has had success at numerous companies. After working in multiple industries, he decided to stay in the real estate field.

Although he has a successful career, Graham Edwards Telereal struggled when he graduated from college. He had no direction in life, and he had to work several jobs before finding what he was passionate about in life.


Early Career

Graham Edwards Telereal went to college and earned a degree in business. He accepted the first job offer that he received. However, he did not enjoy the work. Graham Edwards Telereal decided to start investing in real estate. He researched multiple properties in his local area. After purchasing his first real estate investment, he wanted to find additional properties to buy.

He decided to start working in the real estate industry. He began selling homes to interested buyers. Selling real estate was a great way for him to earn a higher income than his previous job.


Starting a Company

After selling real estate for several years, Graham Edwards Telereal decided to start his own company. By owning his own business, he could make even more money than before. He saved up thousands of dollars and borrowed money to get started.

The first few years of running the business were tough. Gaining new clients is difficult, and Graham Edwards Telereal did not have a lot of experience in marketing. He continued to work hard, and the company eventually became profitable.

With all of the additional income from his company, Graham Edwards Telereal can now purchase real estate properties all over the country. He loves managing his real estate empire. He also takes time to mentor young real estate investors who want to get started. Graham Edwards Telereal is the perfect example of how working hard will eventually lead to success.


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