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Daniel Taub recently resigned from his post as ambassador of Israel for UK. Mr. Taub’s assignment, spanning four years proved to be fruitful for both the countries as trade expanded greatly under his influence. He occupied the post of ambassador between 2011 to 2015.

The figures for bilateral trading between Israel and the United States reached 5.5 million, showing the importance of Taub’s leadership. The British Secretary of State has hailed Taub’s term as the golden era of trade between Israel and the UK. He is also a reputed lawyer and addresses issues of international concern. He is Director of Strategy and Planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation at present.

Daniel Taub took the role of ambassador to the UK in 2011. He has roots in the UK because he was born there in the year 1962. He has been a part of several diplomatic missions. He led the Israeli peace process in negotiations with Palestine and Syria.

He is often invited to share his opinions of negotiation theories and legal matters. In particular, he enjoys talking about the representation of Israel in English literature over time. He also writes on these issues. His articles have been published in leading newspapers such as The Times and the Huffington Post. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.behance.net/danieltaub and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

Daniel Taub has written on religious matters and authored a book called Parasha Diplomatit. This book has a diplomatic take on Torah passages, interspersed with humor.

The Queen received the israeli ambassador, Mr. Taub in 2011. He presented himself as an orthodox Jew and remained true to his culture. He has held several tactical and legal positions since 1991 when he became a part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Daniel Taub feels that his contributions as ambassador will play an important role in maintaining relations between Israel and UK. He says that it has been his role to represent Israeli thought process and culture to the UK as honestly and gently as possible.

Daniel Taub is confident that as he leaves the UK, the relations between both countries are strengthened and have found new frontiers of cooperation.

He regretted leaving the UK, but at the same time, was happy to be reunited with his family back in Israel. He also has multiple hobbies such as reading and has also indulged in script writing. Apparently, he has written the entire script for the soap opera called HeChatzer.

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