What Boraie Development’s Newest Housing Investment Will Look Like

New Jersey’s cities have seen some changes in their economies and even in some of their identities including Atlantic City, which at one time was known as the place you went if you were interested in a night at the casino. Recently though, some casinos have started to phase out and now developers are looking to bring in new commercial ideas to the city. But as that’s happening, New Brunswick real estate investment company Boraie Development has decided to address its housing need. What they’re building right now is a 250-apartment structure known as the “Beach at South Inlet” that will bring the kind of housing into the city that young people have been looking for for quite some time. The building will have a magnificent outdoor pool, be located right next to the beach and boardwalk and have easy access to downtown transportation as seen on Boraie Development’s website.

Boraie Development was originally founded by Omar Boraie, an Egyptian-American who holds a doctorate in Chemistry. He started the company back in the 1970s during a time that New Brunswick was declining and had a lot of empty buildings. Crime also was a problem and most people didn’t go out after 4 PM in the evening. Omar Boraie and his sons Wasseem and Sam saw these buildings and since nobody else was going to invest in them, they decided to do it themselves. It was the decision of Dick Sellars of Johnson & Johnson to keep his company in the city that made Omar Boraie Believe he could do it. Visit his website boraie.com

It was in 1988 that the first part of this plaza known as tower one became erected, and Boraie Development headquarters was established there. Most people had written off Omar Boraie when he first showed his designs for rebuilding this area, but by 2003 when tower two went up, they saw how right he was about getting it done. A few years later, the Spring Street high rise apartments went up, a complex that most people thought would take years to lease out but did so within just two months. In 2013 The Aspire was constructed, and that same year the Boraie Development also joined Shaquille O’Neal to promote a rebuilding initiative. Even though much has been done alreay for New Jersey, Omar Boraie says the work is far from complete. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

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