Fabletic’s ability to leverage the Power of Client Reviews

Most successful companies have managed to get to where they are because of their ability to leverage the rapidly growing power of the crowd. One of such brands is Fabletics, which has managed to attract millions of subscribers to its online platform. The fashion enterprise was founded by Kate Hudson and Techstyle’s executive. Many consumers buy products because of their excellent reputation and the positive reviews that they receive from clients. Brands have started capitalizing on the new consumer behavior and have developed unique marketing strategies that are based on reviews. Fabletics has focused on the opinions of its customers, and this has enabled it to experience a 200 percent growth since 2013. The worth of the company is currently more than $250 million.


The positive consumer reviews that the fashion company gets drive thousands of clients to buy its products. The remarks have also been critical in boosting client loyalty and retention. Most consumers trust online reviews, and they consider them as an honest opinion about brands or products. Fabletics has established its online presence, and people can quickly get information about it. All the reviews about the company are crowdsourced. Over 80 percent of internet users believe in consumer reviews, and this has greatly assisted in enhancing Fabletic’s reputation.


Many people have lost their trust in the traditional advertising methods. The crowd currently has the power to decide the best products in the markets. Fabletic’s administrators understand how to utilize the power of the crown in improving the image of a brand. A significant percentage of consumers read online reviews since the internet is easily accessible in the current world. Companies that receive negative comments from clients are likely to be ignored by people since they will not have faith in their products. Fabletics has been striving to retain an excellent online reputation. The firm includes consumer reviews and testimonial whenever it conducts marketing campaigns, and this has helped in boosting its sales since many people depend on the crowdsourced remarks for information.


Fabletics’s online platform engages its consumers. All the athletics wear clothing and accessories that it offers to its subscribers are based on information that is the acquired from reviews. The company also provides membership forms to its new clients to learn more about their fashion preferences. The information that the firm collects from the customers enables it to know the type of clothes that it will offer them. Its consumer reviews attract hundreds of thousands of clients every year.


Companies that are reviewed well online have excellent search engine rankings. Fabletics is determined to give outstanding products and customer service that can help in improving its online reputation. Most subscribers are satisfied with the quality of the brand’s athletic wear and have been referring other people to become members. The firm has successfully retained about 85 percent of its customers. Kate Hudson and Fabletic’s employees have mastered the art of the leveraging the power of consumer reviews. She is a confident individual and understands how to interact with customers in a friendly manner.

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