Duda Melzer’s Family Business

Eduardo Sirotsky is the President and Chairman of the RBS Group. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer succeeded Nelson Sirotsky on January 1, 2016. The company is a family organization. RBS Group was founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, Melzer’s grandfather. Since its formation, Duda is among the third generation members of the family to possess the company.

Having business knowledge from his family company, Eduardo Melzer established his organization known as Digital e.Bricks. Eduardo is also a partner at the e.Brick ventures. The company specializes in the investment firms under the digital industry. Over the years, e.Brick Ventures has grown with operations in popular countries including the United States of America and Brazil.

RBS Group provides journalism services, entertainment and contents through social media including radios, televisions, internet portals and newspapers to the Brazilians. Under Melzer’s instructions, RBS Group has developed affiliations for its 12 radio stations. The radio stations housed by RBS Group include Radio Gaucha, Farroupilha Radio, and 102.3 FM. To enhance the company’s information delivery, RBS Group carries operations in digital companies. Visit Clicrbs to know more.

Currently, Melzer associates with e.Brick digital in the digital media and technology sector. For more success in communication, RBS Group engages various publishers in its activities. Eduardo belives that the benefits that a company gets come from working with different entities. Eduardo Melzer also values the importance of operations feedback. Melzer thus works with Consumer Behavior Analysis firms to analyze information on the company’s performance. Mr. Melzer accomplishes this by connecting with HypermindR, a consumer’s analysis operator.

Duda’s educational experience was fascinating. Duda went to University of Pontifical of Rio Grande de Sul. There, Eduardo graduated with a degree in Business Administration. At the age of 44 years, Duda still valued education. He went to the Harvard Business School and attained a master in Business Administration and two other prestigious courses. His institutional knowledge is a supplement to his success.

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