Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Vincent Parascandola

New York native Vincent Parascandola works as a financial advisor at AXA Advisers. Mr. Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President at the financial services firm. AXA mainly provides investment advice to high-net-worth individuals but offers life insurance policies as well. Additionally, AXA offers organizations the tools to plan for their employee’s benefits and pension. This includes retirement plans as well as savings and investment plans to help the business achieve its goals.

Before joining AXA Advisers, Vincent was the field vice president at the MONY group. Mr. Parascandola studied computer science at Pace University. In 1986, he began his career in finance at Irving Trust Company as a systems analyst. After a few short years, he moved on to Prudential Insurance to work as an agent. MONY group, a financial services company hired him after a couple of years.

At MONY, Vincent Parascandola worked as a sales manager and slowly rose through the ranks within the company. His budding experience led to his promotion as a Sales Manager. Vincent’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed as he was promoted again to be the company’s Managing Director; a role he held for seven years before getting his final ascension to the role of Field Vice President.

In 2005, AXA head-hunted Parascandola and made him its new Executive Vice President because of his value. Vincent applied the same formula of hard work and dedication at this new company as well. Always able to take care of his responsibilities, he was involved in many aspects of the business. These included sales, recruitment, expense management, and training.

In years gone by, Vincent has worked to gain a mountain of experience in the financial services sector. For the past 17 years, he has maintained an industry securities registration. This registration has him subject to oversight from the SEC and FINRA. In this entire period, Vincent has maintained a squeaky clean portfolio just to showcase his principled nature. Parascandola’s new title at AXA gives him a leadership role to a staff of 225 in New Jersey. He will be responsible for their training and development as financial professionals.


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