Adam Milstein Talks About Building Jewish Pride And Courage On The Jerusalem Post

Jewish businessman Adam Milstein has written an article about Jewish pride, courage and brotherhood that was was featured in the Jerusalem Post. This article was published on December the 12th in the opinion section. Below is a summary of Adam Milstein’s article where he discusses eight gifts to give during the Hanukah festival.


The first gift to remember and give during Hanukah according to Adam Milstein is the gift or pride. He considers it extremely important to have pride in your Jewishness and to pass it along to the future generation. Without pride, Adam believes that future Jewish generations will fail to uphold and pass along their unique Jewish background. Pride can be installed in our communities through education, community outreach and learning about the family heritage of oneself.


The second gift to bear in mind is courage says Milstein. Courage is what has allowed Jews to survive and then thrive despite incredible odds and hatred thrown against them. Milstein believes that the Jewish people were able to survive only because they showed courage in the face of obstacles. It may not be easy to be a Jew all the time, but courage is a must if Jews are to remain strong, free and prosperous.


Another gift to share and remember during the festival of lights is that of persistence. This trait goes hand in hand with the second gift of courage. Not only must Jews be willing to stand up to discrimination such as antisemitism, they must be willing to do it time and time again. Persistence is needed not only against those who discriminate or threaten the Jewish people, but in everyday life. Challenges such as building a family, creating a business or finishing college require persistence.


The fourth gift to give during Hanukah is that of knowledge. Knowledge has always played a key role in the Jewish people’s lives and culture. It is knowledge that has allowed Jews to achieve great success. Knowledge will also be vital if Jews are to succeed economically. Morality, which is the building block of our society and our families also stems from a rich Jewish tradition of knowledge. You can read the rest of Milstien’s article on the Jerusalem Post.


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