Sujit Choudhry on International Constitution Building

Constitutional law scholar Sujit Choundry recently sat down for an interview with Ideamensch about his career as an academic and professor. Choundry’s area of expertise is International and Comparative Constitutional Law with a focus on the constitution-building process. Choundry considers himself a great proponent of democracy and views the framing process as a means of overcoming violent conflict and civil strife in a developing society.

He began his career as a student of Canadian Constitutional Law, with reference to Thanks to a prestigious academic pedigree that includes law school at the University of Toronto, Choundry served as clerk to a Canadian Supreme Court justice, an experience that inspired him to concentrate on constitutional issues as a scholar. He has also served as an international adviser on constitutional issues in dozens of countries, and it is this real-world experience which Choundry believes enhances his scholarship. For more of Choudhry’s work, visit this page.

According to, Choundry currently teaches at the University of California-Berkeley, where he formerly served as dean of the law school. Prior to joining the Berkeley faculty, he was also an endowed scholar at New York University. In addition, he is the founder of an international research center for comparative constitutional studies. According to Choundry, he was inspired by his international fieldwork to help legitimize the field by filling the gaps in the body of knowledge. Although a good deal of research has been done on important questions, Professor Choundry believes that comparative constitutional law is in need of an organization that will serve as a clearinghouse for the most important constitutional case law across an array of languages.

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With law degrees from Oxford, the University of Toronto, and Harvard, Professor Sujit Choundry has emerged as one of the most eminent scholars in comparative constitutional law. In addition to his teaching and research positions, he certified by the United Nations as a mediator and is a consultant to the World Bank and other international development organizations. For more info abou Sujit, click this.

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