Tips For Making Lip Balm

One of the things that you might put on your lips is lip balm. The product can help soothe dry and chapped lips, and it can keep the skin moisturized. EOS lip balm offers several flavors, such as blueberry and passion fruit. The balm comes in small containers that are easy to carry. Find these products on your local Walmart store.

There are a few tips on making your own lip balm so that you can add the scents and flavors that you want in the product. Mint is probably the easiest lip balm to make as all you need to do is add a few drops of peppermint oil to beeswax and coconut oil. You will have a fragrant balm on the lips that is soothing and refreshing.

A fun idea for lip balm is to make small tubes to hand out at a wedding shower or a baby shower. Find out the gender of the baby to make the balm in either pink or blue. If the product is for a wedding shower, try to incorporate colors that blend with the rest of the wedding as well as scents that the bride and groom enjoy, reminding them of the love that they share for each other.

Visit for more info, and make sure to follow EOS on Twitter. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are sold by retailers like Walmart, and it can also be bought online.


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  1. Every woman wants to be loved and yes, there are certain things that brings about attraction and one of such is the lips. Having a dry lip equal having a bad day. I have had such a horrible experience but I went in looking for solution and edit essay online gave me the perfect solution I needed. Using Evolution of Smooth gives you that smooth and moisturing look on your lips. It made me wear a new look, I can now use their varieties with my favorite being passion fruit.

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