Clay Siegall’s Leadership at Seattle Genetics

For a long time, chemotherapy treatment has been the main method of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy treatment is the use of radiation to kill cancerous cells. The radiation often times affects both the cancerous cells and good cells. The effects of radiation are detrimental to the overall well-being of a patient. Seattle Genetics sought to find an innovative method in the treatment of cancer with Clay Siegall. The company sought to fill the gaps that are in the area of cancer research. It sought to find innovative techniques in the treatment of cancer.

Seattle Genetics developed Antibody-Drug Conjugates that seeks to specifically target cancer cells. The technology seeks to ensure that the good cells are not affected. This is a gentle approach in the treatment of cancer. It seeks to counter the negative effects of chemotherapy treatment. The ADCs are available in sixty five countries around the world and the use of this technology has revolutionized the treatment of cancer. The innovation of ADCs has given cancer patients a chance at life. The patients are now able to recuperate without dealing with the adverse effects that are associated with chemotherapy treatment. In addition to ADCs, Seattle Genetics is in the process of developing other line of drugs which are antibody therapies that would ensure that the treatment of cancer is effective and efficient.

Seattle Genetics has been in business since 1998. The company was first listed in the stock exchange in 2001. It has managed to raise six hundred and seventy five million dollars through public and private finance. The company also owns several licenses. It has collaborated with other industry players and this collaborations have enabled the companies to raise over three hundred million dollars. Seattle genetics is committed to the care of cancer patients. The company’s main mandate is to provide quality care for cancer patients and to meet their needs. The company also seeks to fill the gaps that are in oncology research.

Clay Siegall has been with Seattle Genetics from the onset. He is the co-founder of the company, the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the board. His leadership has propelled Seattle Genetics to its current position in the market.


Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics Toward a Cure for Cancer

Lovaganza and the Lovaganza Foundation

Lovaganza details the news as it comes in regard to the 2020 Lovaganza festival. On the website, the copyright stretches back to 2012, which surely indicates planning prior even that year. Originally, Lovaganza was set to take place in 2015, but technology was discovered that necessitated a further unveiling. As of right now, 2020 is the release date of Lovaganza. In 2018, the Lovaganza Foundation will become official. Next year, in 2017, Lovaganza plans to send a traveling convoy around the world showcasing its new IMMERSCOPE technology. This is a 3D innovation which doesn’t require 3D glasses. The technology behind it utilizes a 180-degree screen. Think of it like being in a theatrical audience at a live broadway performance; except with all the magic of cinema. Think CINERAMA, but with three dimensions bridging the gap between the incredibly vast picture.

Now think of the 20th century’s World’s Fairs on Facebook. These events had interactive displays and events, including presentations. The same will happen at Lovaganza in 2020. There will be live entertainment, events, and presentations. There will be interactive technological events too, and additionally there will be exhibitions. Finally, IMMERSCOPE 3D will act as a centerpiece to the whole festival. For IMMERSCOPE, nine films have been commissioned, three of which have already had principal work done on them. These films will be unveiled sequentially between now and 2020, and they will also be featured on the traveling Lovaganza show.

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The primary themes of Lovaganza are bohemian adventure and cultural celebration. Exploration of cultures and the implications of a bohemian lifestyle are the prime concerns of Lovaganza. They want to spread a message of peace and artistic engagement to the world. Like the caravan Lovaganza will comprise in 2017, films will also feature a caravan of sorts traveling across the world.

It will be interesting to see how the final event turns out. When it is fully unveiled, it will take four full months to complete. It will be hosted in eight locations strategically located across the globe. Those locations will be in America, Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, and The Middle East. The idea is to get as many people as possible to the events. A third of a year in eight locations comes to approximately 32 months exposure, or 2 years and 8 months. Of course it won’t be possible for everyone to see everything at this exceptional event, but Lovaganza is going to affect as many as it can.

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.