Thor Halvorssen crusades against North Korean Dictatorship

Thor Halvorssen’s got a major goal these days: helping to take down North Korea’s dictatorship and freeing the North Korean people.

Thor Halvorssen, 39, is the president of The Human Rights Foundation, a New York-based NGO that launched in 2005 to address human rights issues across the developing world.

Indeed, human rights issues runs deep in his family. He’s descended from leaders of Latin America’s 19th century independence movements, and his father was held as a political prisoner in his native Venezuela.

Halvorssen joins forces with dissidents and defectors to stand up against tyrannical dictators. What’s more, he takes funding from both left wing and right wing organizations, because he thinks it will help his cause. With his organization, where he leads a staff of twelve, he stands against dictators of all political shades, be it Augusto Pinochet, or Fidel Castro.

The Human Rights Foundation’s main event is the Oslo Freedom Forum, where large donors get to mix with dissidents and activists and potentially recruit them to their cause.

But North Korea is what drives him most of all. It’s a country that misappropriated international aid it was given to deal with a terrible famine in the ‘90’s, conducts nuclear tests, kidnaps foreigners, sinks South Korean ships, and terrorizes individuals beyond its reach.

The Kim family holds a tight authoritarian grip on North Korea, a country with 25 million people. Halvorssen is fighting to bring the populace freedom.

According to HRF, Thor Halvorssen and his team organize hackathons for North Korean defectors to infiltrate regime websites, and think up all sorts of ways to smuggle contraband (USB drives, South Korean magazines, Hollywood movies, banned books) into the country.

Plus, Halvorssen aims to send copies of the move “The Interview,” which parodies Dictator Kim Jong-un, into North Korea by balloon. In response, the North Korean regime has threatened to kill him.

Near the Demilitarized Zone that separates North and South Korea, the team inflates the 30-foot high balloons that carry bundles of media.

They’re set to be time-released over North Korea, where people starve for information from the outside world.

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Mike Baur’s Take On Switzerland’s Entrepreneurial Sector

Swiss Start-Up Factory was launched in 2004. It has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The firm looks for thriving and ambitious entrepreneurs. Once they locate them, they provide them with exciting opportunities. Swiss Start-Up Factory has a strong network in Switzerland and around the globe. They run an accelerator program that runs for three months. During the program, the entrepreneurs receive coaching and mentoring from the Swiss Start-Up Factory team. As part of growing their business, they are given an office space in the heart of Zurich and an entrepreneurial network to enable them accomplishes their targets.

Mike Baur is the Co-Founder and the Managing Partner of Swiss Start-Up Factory. He founded the company to support young entrepreneurs specialize in digital technologies. Mike Baur has extensive experience in the Swiss banking industry. He is a former banker at Clariden and Sallfort. He was responsible for raising funds and financing rounds at the Swiss Start-Up Factory.

In a recent interview, Mike said it was a tough decision to leave his successful banking career that had spun almost 20 years. He stated that the reason he left was that he felt at 40 years old, he could do something else. Mike had the desire to do something different and completely crazy unlike private banking, which he considers very traditional. He also said his entrepreneurial spirit forced him out of the banking industry and pushed him in the direction of starting the Swiss Start-Up Factory.

Mike Baur decided to give his company the word factory at the end for two main reasons. His first reason is that he wants to build up and help create new Swiss companies. He said the first step in manufacturing the new businesses was prototyping and accelerating. Then the next stage was shaping and proving the concept. The other reason Mike gave was that young people have to work harder. He noticed that the young population in Switzerland is a little bit lazy.

Mike distinguishes the Swiss Start-Up Factory from other incubators because they are fully invested, and they are independent. He views Switzerland as the most innovative country in the world but is puzzled that there are few successful Swiss companies. Mike pinpoints a shortage of investment, lack of professionalism, and poor execution of plans as the reason why there exist few successful Swiss companies. He believes that passion and hard work are important factors to becoming successful.



M&A Advisor Award Finalist: Madison Street Capital

The investment trade journal, M&A Advisor, has recently announced that Madison Street Capital is a finalist for their 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards on Wall Street. The Advisor revealed that Madison Street was nominated under two categories: ‘International and Industrials Deal of the Year’ and ‘Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.’

The ‘Boutique’ award recognized Madison Street’s facilitation of Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. These awards are great indicators of the health and financial progress of a commercial investment house, great deal making, recognition of the firm’s achievements and contributions. This M&A was led by Karl D’Cunha, Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital.

D’Cunha said the deal assisted Madison Street’s long-term client, Dowco, in buying Acuna & Asociados S.A. He said the firm is honored to even be in the running for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International award. He gave some detail of how hard everyone at the company had worked, across time zones, to effect the deal. D’Cunha indicated that this acquisition was quite complicated and had a lot of ‘moving parts’ involved. He said it felt really great to be recognized for the achievement. The finalists and winners of the awards will be officially announced on November 9, 2016, at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala held at the New York Athletic Club.

Madison Street Capital, LLC, is a leading investment bank service that serves to provide finance advice to their corporate clients. their M&A professional expertise covers all the valuation and financial options needed to merge or acquire both private and public companies. Their services help their clients succeed in international business. The firm is most expert in taking on and achieving their client companies’ objectives and goals.

They have helped clients do complex M&A transactions, raise capital, and complete ownership transfers. They especially focus on upward trending emerging markets. Their clients from all over the Earth trust them, because of Madison Street’s incorruptible high professionalism. This story was originally reported on

The Brown Modeling Agency Prepares Young Women for the Industry Professionally and Beneficially

Believe it or not, but becoming a model is sometimes more simple than people think. Of course, most agencies prefer models to be nearly six feet tall and beautiful naturally, but the general process of reaching that model status is fairly simple and includes points such as:

Getting Discovered

Imagine simply going to school for the day and witnessing somebody you have never seen before in the hallway standing around with the principal or a popular teacher. You do not think much of it, but you are suddenly approached by this person and they are asking you if you have ever considered modeling. Usually, you do not need to decide on the spot and will receive a card with that recruiter’s information. The same concept applies to cruising the mall or any public place.

Moving to a Fashionable Area

A good portion of the country is fairly small and far from bursting with excitement. Women who desire to become a model often need to consider their location and adjust it accordingly by moving to a more fashionable area.

Discovering An Agency and Sending a Picture

If there is a modeling agency in proximity to where you are or will soon be, consider sending them a picture and some general information about yourself. The requirements for certain agencies are often easily found online, but it is fairly concise that agencies desire clean-cut models free from too much makeup and hair products. Muster up the courage to take a natural picture of yourself to send in!

The Brown Agency is currently dominating the industry when it comes to recruiting new models and pairing them with some of the biggest names in the modeling, fashion, and beauty industries. Plenty of Brown’s models make it onto the cover of well known magazines, including Vogue. In addition to working with mogul designers, this agency’s models regularly take the runway during New York, Dallas, and Austin fashion weeks.

The Brown Agency is responsible for coinciding with the ideals of the modeling industry, but they have put their own twist on the art itself. With a profound belief that these young women are impressionable, The Brown Agency makes it the mission of the company to guarantee that the girls have an understanding of how edgy this industry is and how it is sometimes cruel. Their preparation of these young models builds their self-esteem, courage, and allows them to make it in an often impossible industry.

Laidlaw & Company Is Great For Planning To Play

I know that I am someone who is not known as being a fun person, but the problem is that I need money to do the things that I really think are fun. I have been able to save a lot of money using Laidlaw & Company, and I got to talk to James Ahern and Matthew Eitner about the things I like to do for fun. I do not plan to live in the woods and hunt, but I do plan to go out hunting a lot more because of the savings I have done. I wanted to get enough money to buy all the supplies that I need, and I needed to be sure that someone could help me.

I had to ask them how I was going to save all this money, and they gave me a plan that I thought was really worth it. I started to save in two different places so that I would have the money for the hunting and the money for retirement. They are separate so that I can live my dream while I am waiting to retire, and then I will still have more money to spend when I actually retire. I already live a simple lifestyle, but it helps to have money to do what I think is right.

Everyone who is like me and has a very nice hobby they enjoy needs to remember that they have to be sure they have talked with an investment firm like Laidlaw & Company. They got me together in minutes with the right broker for this, and they made it very easy for me to get the help that I needed. I am spending a lot of money on retirement to make sure I have filled up my account, and I can get that money out when I need.

Business advices to women by Susan McGalla

Having a successful business and becoming a successful business entrepreneur is each and everyone’s dream. Susan McGalla is one of the successful businesswomen in the business corporate world. Being the executive consultant in the United States Susan can be said to be one of the high performing business woman in the business world. Susan McGalla has an extensive marketing experience that has attracted notability in the business platform. Having given success advices to women in their work places, Susan says a good numbers of women have made to the top of their careers in different fields. Due to equality gender in the corporate world on, women have to overwhelm the challenges that come up with the business platforms.

Most powerful women have therefore proved to the world that they can be efficient leaders and they are able to take up any challenge. This is because women are known to blend in to the community and show their personality under the roles they are given to handle. Therefore, in the business world women are also said to be the best managing directors in their careers. According to Susan McGalla, the business world has had powerful business women that have risen to the top. This has therefore changed the myth that business platform was a no go zone for women. These have therefore taken business women like Susan McGalla to show their abilities and experience in the business world sector. These women are then known to be excellent role models to the other women willing to get in top of their careers.

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Front Office Staff | Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla – Director of Strategic Planning and Growth @ The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC

These therefore have increased the management skills and other factors in the position they have. Having then created a good networking platform trust has been earned between women and the corporate business world. According to Susan McGalla, she knows what it takes to be on top of the business career. For Susan passion, hard work and confidence are one among the main things that one needs to have in life. For Susan McGalla, she understands that nothing comes on a sliver platter. Therefore one should work hard in order to identify their potential and powerfulness in their careers. This is then done by setting one’s mind to greatness and the ability to get the priceless commodity in the world on Therefore with the willingness and hard work, one is then guaranteed to get where they opt to be in their life and careers.

Tips For Making Lip Balm

One of the things that you might put on your lips is lip balm. The product can help soothe dry and chapped lips, and it can keep the skin moisturized. EOS lip balm offers several flavors, such as blueberry and passion fruit. The balm comes in small containers that are easy to carry. Find these products on your local Walmart store.

There are a few tips on making your own lip balm so that you can add the scents and flavors that you want in the product. Mint is probably the easiest lip balm to make as all you need to do is add a few drops of peppermint oil to beeswax and coconut oil. You will have a fragrant balm on the lips that is soothing and refreshing.

A fun idea for lip balm is to make small tubes to hand out at a wedding shower or a baby shower. Find out the gender of the baby to make the balm in either pink or blue. If the product is for a wedding shower, try to incorporate colors that blend with the rest of the wedding as well as scents that the bride and groom enjoy, reminding them of the love that they share for each other.

Visit for more info, and make sure to follow EOS on Twitter. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are sold by retailers like Walmart, and it can also be bought online.


Clay Siegall’s Leadership at Seattle Genetics

For a long time, chemotherapy treatment has been the main method of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy treatment is the use of radiation to kill cancerous cells. The radiation often times affects both the cancerous cells and good cells. The effects of radiation are detrimental to the overall well-being of a patient. Seattle Genetics sought to find an innovative method in the treatment of cancer with Clay Siegall. The company sought to fill the gaps that are in the area of cancer research. It sought to find innovative techniques in the treatment of cancer.

Seattle Genetics developed Antibody-Drug Conjugates that seeks to specifically target cancer cells. The technology seeks to ensure that the good cells are not affected. This is a gentle approach in the treatment of cancer. It seeks to counter the negative effects of chemotherapy treatment. The ADCs are available in sixty five countries around the world and the use of this technology has revolutionized the treatment of cancer. The innovation of ADCs has given cancer patients a chance at life. The patients are now able to recuperate without dealing with the adverse effects that are associated with chemotherapy treatment. In addition to ADCs, Seattle Genetics is in the process of developing other line of drugs which are antibody therapies that would ensure that the treatment of cancer is effective and efficient.

Seattle Genetics has been in business since 1998. The company was first listed in the stock exchange in 2001. It has managed to raise six hundred and seventy five million dollars through public and private finance. The company also owns several licenses. It has collaborated with other industry players and this collaborations have enabled the companies to raise over three hundred million dollars. Seattle genetics is committed to the care of cancer patients. The company’s main mandate is to provide quality care for cancer patients and to meet their needs. The company also seeks to fill the gaps that are in oncology research.

Clay Siegall has been with Seattle Genetics from the onset. He is the co-founder of the company, the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the board. His leadership has propelled Seattle Genetics to its current position in the market.


Clay Siegall Leads Seattle Genetics Toward a Cure for Cancer

Lovaganza and the Lovaganza Foundation

Lovaganza details the news as it comes in regard to the 2020 Lovaganza festival. On the website, the copyright stretches back to 2012, which surely indicates planning prior even that year. Originally, Lovaganza was set to take place in 2015, but technology was discovered that necessitated a further unveiling. As of right now, 2020 is the release date of Lovaganza. In 2018, the Lovaganza Foundation will become official. Next year, in 2017, Lovaganza plans to send a traveling convoy around the world showcasing its new IMMERSCOPE technology. This is a 3D innovation which doesn’t require 3D glasses. The technology behind it utilizes a 180-degree screen. Think of it like being in a theatrical audience at a live broadway performance; except with all the magic of cinema. Think CINERAMA, but with three dimensions bridging the gap between the incredibly vast picture.

Now think of the 20th century’s World’s Fairs on Facebook. These events had interactive displays and events, including presentations. The same will happen at Lovaganza in 2020. There will be live entertainment, events, and presentations. There will be interactive technological events too, and additionally there will be exhibitions. Finally, IMMERSCOPE 3D will act as a centerpiece to the whole festival. For IMMERSCOPE, nine films have been commissioned, three of which have already had principal work done on them. These films will be unveiled sequentially between now and 2020, and they will also be featured on the traveling Lovaganza show.

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The primary themes of Lovaganza are bohemian adventure and cultural celebration. Exploration of cultures and the implications of a bohemian lifestyle are the prime concerns of Lovaganza. They want to spread a message of peace and artistic engagement to the world. Like the caravan Lovaganza will comprise in 2017, films will also feature a caravan of sorts traveling across the world.

It will be interesting to see how the final event turns out. When it is fully unveiled, it will take four full months to complete. It will be hosted in eight locations strategically located across the globe. Those locations will be in America, Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, and The Middle East. The idea is to get as many people as possible to the events. A third of a year in eight locations comes to approximately 32 months exposure, or 2 years and 8 months. Of course it won’t be possible for everyone to see everything at this exceptional event, but Lovaganza is going to affect as many as it can.

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Mike Baur Efforts to Assist Young Entrepreneurs Grow

Mike Baur is a successful Swiss entrepreneur and a businessman. He is the founder of Swiss Startup Company and currently serves it as the chief executive officer. His main duties in this firm are to oversee all investment strategies as well as ensure all day to day operations are provided efficiently. With his extensive experience, he has managed to help several institutions and individuals by offering important advice on investment decisions and ways to establish empires for their businesses to succeed. Before starting up his own firm, Mike worked in Swiss private banking sector. Despite beginning his career at UBS as a commercial intern, he managed to successfully raise the bar to executive board member of the Swiss private bank.

His Education

Mike Baur is one of the well-established persons academic wise.He managed to earn his MBA from Rochester University in New York. He proceeded to Bern University where he graduated with good grades in executive MBA. Mike has had great influence in most youths by giving them pieces of advises regarding the importance of academic excellence. He strongly supports the need of going through the education system before venturing into enterprises.

His Life as an Entrepreneur

Mike Baur began his career and entrepreneurial journey in Salfort Bank, a large facility in Switzerland that concentrates on private banking. His area of concentration in this company was the banking sector. After working in this sector for 20 years, he was promoted to be an executive board member. Later, he resolved to join UBS Wealth Management Group where he served as a commercial apprentice.

In 2014, Baur considered venturing into private business. He partnered with two friends to start the Swiss Startup Factory. This is an independent firm that finances ICT startups and is headquartered in Switzerland. Mike Baur majorly specializes in giving motivation to young entrepreneurs and imparting them with necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them transform their startups to big successful businesses. As a mentor, Mike sets up networking programs for young entrepreneurs to ensure that all their projects do well. Swiss Startup Factory has grown tremendously in the banking industry due to proper management of Mike Baur.


Through his commitment and hard work, Mike Baur has brought about positive changes in the companies he has been associated with through the years. Most young entrepreneurs have succeeded in their businesses due to his efforts in equipping them with useful information in the entrepreneurial field.