Talos Energy: What A Cool Name!

Energy is the name of the game, and as the old saying goes, “may the best man win.” Talos Energy is in it to win it. Of course, the same goes for everyone who goes into business doing anything. Success is always the ultimate goal. Those who can’t compete go out of business. It’s sad, but true. It is a tough world, and this particular tough world runs on oil.

It’s safe to say that everyone alive depends on oil in some way. Virtually everything mankind manufactures today, and for quite some time now, depends on crude oil, again, in some small way. There are those who may say that agriculture is all natural and good, however, the machinery used to cultivate large crops runs on fuel. Even if the machinery didn’t run on fuel, the raw materials needed to make heavy equipment, and manufacture it, require serious energy. Even the teeny tiny screws holding your cell phone together are composed of high quality steel which has to be mined and manufactured. The glass screen on your cell phone has to be melted and manufactured. Even the so called “Alternative Energy” methods require equipment that cannot even be manufactured without fossil fuel, or crude oil. For example, solar panels can’t even be made without crude oil. So, even alternative energy relies on fossil fuel. It’s a tough equation, but the answer is pretty much the same every time: Oil.

The entire population will throw their opinions into the ring all day long, making arguments for and against fossil fuel. The debates get heated at times (no pun intended) yet the demand for oil only ever increases. Thankfully there are great, capable people out there willing to dedicate their lives to extracting the black gold that already exists right here on the good Earth. Talos Energy is a team of staggeringly experienced people in the most important field of energy. Exploration and exploitation of the valuable resources in America are their specialty, and since we all depend on oil in one way or another, we should all be rooting for team Talos. Who else is going to get that oil, you? No, of course not. We the people only ever take advantage of energy brought to us by these very hard-working people. We complain about the prices all the time, however, I suspect that we would stop complaining so much if we had to get our own oil.

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Dr. Walden Discusses Being A Female Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is something that everyone thinks about getting these days. It’s just a part of society that everyone feels inadequate or so different that he or she thinks they need to change themselves to fit in. While no one should change themselves for someone else; those who want plastic surgery have an array of aesthetic options.

Anyone living in Austin, Texas has the benefit of having Dr. Jennifer Walden as a potential surgeon. Dr. Walden is one of the few women practicing as an aesthetic plastic surgeon in the U.S. In Austin, she’s only one in a dozen of board-certified, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery member, who are female.

She’s not bitter about being a rarity. Becoming a best plastic surgeon takes far more work and training than being a standard physician. After medical school, which usually lasts about four years after earning a standard university degree, plastic surgeons must go through at least another five years of medical training. Then, they have to complete another one or two years in a fellowship.

Part of society’s “place for women” is being a mother. Unfortunately, becoming a plastic surgeon cuts a deep gash in that plan, so most women don’t become plastic surgeons.

As society changes and women start to understand that having a career doesn’t necessarily mean not having a family, more women will probably want to become plastic surgeons. Right now, there are only 851 female plastic surgeons of the 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons in the U.S.

Being a female plastic surgeon has one huge advantage: 91 percent of all cosmetic surgeries are performed on women. Women feel much more comfortable talking with another woman about their aesthetic surgery options.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: How an RIA Firm Is Preparing Clients for the Future

The financial future can be a daunting idea to some. That is very understandable. The markets looking promising one day and the next day things look completely different. Personal experiences of loss and lack of the right investment strategies have caused some investors to doubt and question investment firms and wealth managers. But HCR Wealth Advisors is guiding clients with the right mindset and strategies to help clients feel good in their investment decisions.

This firm is a regulated investment advisory firm with its main offices located in Los Angeles, California. Some clients have been with HCR Wealth Advisors for over ten years. That is because this company has experience, customer service and trust with all of their customers. Developing the right methods to help clients plan for their future and manage their wealth is what this firm does a great job at. As the financial times change, this firm is equipped to help its clients respond to those changes.

Even just five short years ago information regarding finances and trends were not distributed and synthesized the way it is today. These changes have caused investment firms and financial professionals to think and do differently in terms of operations. The pace of these changes and the speed at which information moves can cause uneasy feelings with some investors. But investors can have a sense of hope since many analysts view the coming years as a phase of optimistic prosperity.

The team at HCR Wealth Advisors is developing personal solutions that consist of strategies to guide investors on a roadmap to reaching their financial goals. These personal solutions are always centered around the client’s own financial expectations and goals. This firm is able to create these individualized plans due to the relationship the firm develops with each of its clients. These relationships are long lasting, trustworthy bonds with the common goal of helping each client reach their financial goals. See the available jobs on Glassdoor.

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Fortress Investment Group : Radical Innovation In Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group is a well-known trading and financial management service. They are based in the United States and have several offices throughout the country. With thousands of employees, they are one of the largest firms of their kind. Starting out as a private institution, the group later became publically traded. They have had numerous mergers  acquisitions since, including the recent purchase by SoftBank.

Fortress Investment Group helps a variety of clients and consumers alike with individualized asset management. They can help plan and execute long-term investment strategies as well. The dynamic nature of this organization has been improved by key leadership personnel over the years. With a focus on technology and innovation, there are few companies that can compare to Fortress Investment Group.

Most staff members have described their time working for the firm as informative, fast-paced, competitive and enjoyable. Over the years Fortress Investment Group has spurred numerous innovative techniques. They have been able to achieve professional records and attain academic progress in the field. They also added that over the years they have been active in the firm. Much of this has helped them experience growth and effective planning for the future.

With this said, Fortress Investment Group has been in the limelight over the years. Greater media attention has created reputab ility for the company as a whole as well as improving global recognition of their brand. The company is equipped with an experienced team that comprehends the value of commitment and professionalism. This has enabled the company to offer low-risk financial opportunities to clients in variegated fields.

Ultimately, the organization will continue to propagate change in the industry. They have a track record of applying technology and financial planning to contemporary hedge funds as well as capital investments. The results will be better for consumers as new technology and techniques are developed.

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Wes Edens lifetime achievements

Wes Edens is a successful American businessman who works as the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and the New Fortress Energy. He is also the owner of the Milwaukee Buck’s a basketball team certified and plays in the NBA which is based in Wisconsin as well as the League of Legends. He also has shares in one of the celebrated clubs in the English Championship team Aston Villa in July 2018. Wes Edens was born on October 30, 1961, and currently resides in the city of New York. He is a family man and is married to a lovely wife, Lynn Edens and have four children.

His daughter Mallory caught the attention of the media when she appeared as a representative of the Milwaukee’s Buck. In his free time, he enjoys horse jumping and climbing mountains for leisure activities. Wes Edens grew up as a skier, a very competitive one for that matter. He went to Oregon State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration in the year 1984. His career began three years later, which is in the year 1987 when he worked as a partner and a managing director until 1993 at Lehman Brothers. He went to Black Rock’s private equity division and remained as the managing director up until 1997.

At the Fortress Investment Group, he acts as one of the five principle owners alongside Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Michael Edward, and Randal Norde. It was formed in the year 1998. Fortress has been growing, and in 2007 The Wall Street Journal described the style of Eden as creative financing and based on constraining bets. In the year 2009, they sold 8 percent of the company’s share at six hundred million US dollars to the public. In the year 2009 Wes Edens became the Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress. Between 205 and the year 2016, he served as the chairman of the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors. Other groups he served as the chairman include Nationstar which was formerly known as Centex Home Equity Company and Springleaf Financial Services.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Business Interest is in His Blood

Hussain Sajwani is a self-made billionaire who has made a fortune in the real estate business. To help him flourish in this business, he founded DAMAC properties in 2002 a real estate company. The primary objective of the company is providing luxury real estates that match the standards of people in Dubai and other states globally. He is famous for the services his company offers and he has been privileged to rub shoulders with the US President Donald Trump. His business relationship with Donald Trump is bound to make him richer in that he will be the one developing the Trump Organization. The Trump International Golf Club project will comprise of luxury villas that are expected to bring back huge returns upon completion. Beyond business, they are also good family friends and relate well which gives Hussain Sajwani a specific social class he would never have achieved without that relationship. The approval of his work by such an influential person is good for his business as others would as well approach him for his services.

Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC owner, is a learned individual which backs his ambitions in the world of business specifically real estate. He is a holder of a degree in economics which he attained after attending the University of Washington. After college, he secured a job at GASCO where he served as a contracts manager but did not work there for long as he started working with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as a subordinate. Being an employee though did not satisfy him as he went ahead to establish DAMAC now DAMAC Group a business that has flourished undeniably. In that case, he has worked his way up and the achievements he takes pride in today did not come easy. Surprisingly, his father had as well ventured into the real estate business where he handled various projects in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) could as well have gained entrepreneurship interest at a young age as his father also owned a watch shop where he spent most of his time and watched how his father handled his business. With his hard work and positivity, he has made it big in business which he could owe to his childhood days and his father’s persistence to venture into business.

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Why Talos Energy Sticks To Drilling For Oil And Gas Offshore

Talos Energy is a Houston-based oil and gas company that performs offshore exploration and production. This company was founded in 2012 by Tim Duncan, John Harrison, John Parker, and Stephen Heitzman. They have a number of assets in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan says that he was in the midst of completing a $2.5 billion merger between his company and Stone Energy when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. His home was flooded and so he evacuated his family out of state where they would be safe. He, however, needed to stay put in order to finish the merger negotiations. He ended up staying at his parent’s house where he spent several weeks continuing to negotiate with the team at Stone Energy Company.

Tim Duncan recalls that he told himself he couldn’t use Hurricane Harvey as an excuse to not getting this deal completed. He says that he worked from the kitchen table late into each night until the two parties came to an agreement. The main consequence of this deal was that, as Stone Energy was a publically traded firm, once the two companies merged Talos Energy took over the public listing.

After the merger was completed Talos Energy became a company with $900 million in annual revenues. Virtually all of their assets are in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Their balance sheet is also in great shape with $2.3 billion in assets and $700 million in debt. However, they take a high risk/high reward approach so where they drill the platforms can cost up to a few hundred million each.

Tim Duncan says that most oil drilling companies stick to the Permian shale. He says that while that is a safer bet the problem is that the wells stop producing after a few years. Where Talos Energy drills for oil it is more risky with one out of three drillings turning out to be dry. However, when oil is hit it can produce oil and gas for a decade. It is for this reason that Talos Energy has not joined the stampede to onshore drilling.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Pushing the Limits of Her Field

Dr. Jennifer Walden has spent much of her career pushing against the status quo. She signifies a rare trend that is growing in the surgical world, a female surgeon. After obtaining her degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch she that she wanted to make a big change in the way that patients experience plastic surgery. It was her hope that offers more to them than they had ever experienced before in this healthcare setting. Since starting her practice, she has earned an extensive reputation as a top-performing member of her field and trendsetter for those coming after her.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has seen her position as a plastic surgeon as one of empowerment for the female gender. She believes that the work that she does allows women to visualize their best self. She isn’t trying to help women become fake shadows of themselves, but rather she is looking to help them deal with areas of their bodies that have caused them great amounts of insecurity. Things like pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, and aging can have a very detrimental effect on the body. During times that should be joyous women are feeling more self-conscious than ever. Dr. Jennifer Walden uses her expertise to help erase some of those insecurities.

In addition to her extensive medical practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished author and inventor in her field. She has helped pen a textbook for future surgeons because of her innovative techniques. She is also responsible for the development of machines that aid in the surgical process and tools. It is her hope that through this type of work she will inspire more women to break out into the surgical field, a field that was once entirely dominated by men. Because of her intense amount of pushing, Dr. Jennifer Walden is regarded as one of the best.

Things You Need to Know about Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele has made a name for himself through the various revolutions he has brought in the field of technology. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley through which he gained skills in his field of specialization. He started his career at the Fenwick & West LLP at Silicon Valley offices, which majorly focused on offering online e-commerce services to its clients. He has gained vast experience in the field of technology over the recent years, and he has shared his expertise with other people, with the aim of helping them acquire successes in their ventures. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Michael Hagele is not only committed to achieving the best in his career, but he has also striven to improve his skills through spending time with determined and successful people. He has closed a vast number of deals with many people in the field of telecommunication and domestic and international fields. His contributions towards the growth of the economy in the country have seen him receive recognition to form a vast number of people. Additionally, he has acquired a chance to serve various roles in different companies including biotechnological ones, aerospace and internet-based firms.

In addition to his position as the general counsel for industries, Michael Hagele is also passionate about exercising. He majorly takes part in mountain biking, and he has shared his counsel with other people concerning the latter. The renowned investor encourages people that are passionate about the sport to ensure that they learn about it form people that are highly experienced as it makes it easy for them to acquire skills faster. Michael Hagele believes that everyone that possess the right equipment and is committed towards learning can acquire the skills easily. He believes that mountain biking is fun with friends and it is one way in which people can keep fit to avoid the many diseases that affect them due to body inactiveness.

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A look at how Wes Edens has been an Integral Part on Fortress Investment Group’s Growth

Ever since its formation as a private equity in 1998, Fortress Investment group has made massive strides in the finance sector and is currently one of the leading alternative asset management firm not only domestically, but also internationally. The firm has always been a pacesetter in all its operations, and was even the first private equity ever; to go public in the NYSE. It began with an asset base of $400 million only, but today manages assets worth over $40 billion which indicates more than a hundred percent growth. With over 1700 investors on board, Fortress Investment group has always been, and is still a force to reckon in the finance arena. The impact of the firm can be felt in almost all areas of the finance arena as it specializes in nearly all the core areas that corporates are part of, from asset-based investing to corporate M&A’s.

Its massive and relentless growth can be attributed to its panel of responsible and experienced leaders, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman and Peter Briger who joined the firm in 2002. Even though Rob Kauffman is retired now, the three other principals have been an integral part of FIG’s consistent growth as they were all well versed with the departments they currently head before coming together to create Fortress. For instance, prior to the formation of Fortress, Wes Edens worked at Blackrock financial management where he was a partner and managing director. He also worked at Lehman where he played the same roles as Blackrock. This helped lay a good foundation for him as it equipped him with the skills and experience to run a more prominent investment firm. Thanks to that, when he joined hands with the other Principals, Wes Edens had what it takes to set Fortress on its full success throttle.

More about Wes Edens

Under his leadership, Fortress Investment group has achieved significant milestones. For instance, he led to firm to purchase Subprime lender Springfield financial services and also Centex home equity Company. Additionally, he is spearheading the operation of the Brightline railway line which connects the magic city, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. This project has helped ease the traffic and congestion which is usually observed during rush hours and has made life comfortable for daily commuters between the two towns. The Brightline train which is already functional is the only rail project which is not under the US government thereby creating another win for this asset management firm, and this can be thanked to Mr. Edens. When he is not busy spearheading projects, Wes Edens is often busy tracking the progress of the Milwaukee Bucks, which he co-owns with his partner Marc Lasry. Wes is an avid sports fan and as such owns various sports teams such as the League of legends and many others.