Richard Liu Qiangdong: An Entrepreneur Transforming the Retail Industry

Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of The company is China’s top-most retail business done online. During his interview, he shared his personal as well as entrepreneurial experiences that enabled his business to grow to its position globally. He appreciated getting to know peoples’ voices around the world during his tour to Dallas. Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that the name came from a combination of his first name and the last name of his wife. In 1996, he studied at the Renmin University in China where he awarded his degree in sociology. This was out of political pursuit. Two years later, Richard Liu began growing his business.

The entrepreneurial journey started by Richard Liu teaching himself computer programming. He later achieved his EMBA from the China Europe global business school. Upon graduating, Richard Liu served at various roles at Japan Life for two years. Richard Liu also spoke of his poor background during the interview. He elaborated about how his parents owned a transport enterprise of distributing coal from north to south China. His first business plan was a restaurant. He used his payments from computer programming to fund the enterprise but it collapsed. This was because of only 2 hours of devotion to the start-up business. However, he was motivated by his grandmother’s ill condition that required him to pay for her medication.

In 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong rented a small store that sold products of the magneto-optical kind. He named it Jingdong. Five years later, the start-up business expanded to 12 stores. After encountering challenges, Richard Liu arose and opened his online business. In his interview, he said that online enterprise was better than offline business due to lower capital required as well as terrific customer satisfaction. The online giant business is recently worth above $60 billion. As the owner of the biggest retailer empire in China, Richard Liu offers 97% of his clients’ delivery within 20 hours and 57% delivery in 6 hours. The 44-year old internet celebrity would also like to be remembered as a caring family man, a good son and a good employer. He is an inspiration to entrepreneurs worldwide due to his great legacy as a businessman.

Isn’t it romantic and its break from typical romantic comedies

Isn’t it romantic, a movie featuring Rebel Wilson, a graduate from the Australian Theatre for Young People and a one-time MTV awards winner, deviates from the normal expectations and norms of romantic comedies. Bright and colorful scenes normally characterize them, and so do unattainable hot leads who are attracted to each other but slow to discover, lead’s sexless best friend with no independent story and a clumsy but adorable woman.

In this case, however, Rebel Wilson is unable to realize that her best friend Devine is perfect for her. The movie, to some extent, fails to emancipate itself from the norms of the genre.


In the movie, the Australian born actress, songwriter, and producer is the heroine and features as Natalie. She is told by Jennifer Saunders who acts as her mother that for her to find a mate to marry, the man must require a visa.

They’re giving dirty rotten men a run for their money. Get ready for the mother of all cons. #HustleMovie in theaters May 10.— The Hustle Movie (@hustlemovie) March 11, 2019

This breaks her confidence really hard, and she carries this into adulthood. She then moves to New York where she is an architect, but instead of being treated as such, she is regarded as coffee goffer. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Her treatment does not reflect the fact that she is a qualified architect who is in fact in charge of designing a new hotel. Natalie is robbed in the subway where she badly hits her head and is hospitalized. When she wakes up, instead of a bored, overworked doctor, she meets a hot doctor in a private room full of flowers and extremely dazzling light which marks the start of her romantic comedy life.

Thumbs up

The soundtracks are awesome, filled with romantic tunes and marvelous radio hits from Vanessa Carlton, Donna Lewis, Annie Lenox, and Six Pence None the Richer. The movie as well brings life to the normal over-used statements, plots, and ideas of romantic comedy movies.

Accompanied by loads of satire, the movie is entertaining, and it even encompasses the non-romance-comedy lovers’ type of audience. Wilson as well, with her good sense of humor, fits in as a perfect cast giving more light to the movie. Also, her ability to identify her weaknesses and boldly come out to point them out in a humorous way makes her a perfect cast.


Formation of the characters is not complete or cannot otherwise be classified as so since they are thinly written. There is a wave of disappointment as well when Australian actors playing Australian characters use American vocabulary when talking to each other.

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The Talented Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is a man with many talents. He is the President, chairman and managing director of Fortress. He also worked at Bank of America Merrill as the managing director. He was responsible for trading activities and sales. He moved to Bank of America Merrill when he left JP Morgan. He held various positions at different companies before joining JP Morgan. He worked at Bear Stearns as the head of interest rates. Furthermore, he managed exchange trading in the company. He worked for Lehman Brothers for seven years before moving to Bear Stearns.

 Michael Nierenberg loves working with people that challenge him. He admits that working for different companies has its advantages and disadvantages. While it allows you to interact with people from different backgrounds, it is difficult adjusting to a new environment. What helped him was having a positive attitude and forming a connection with employees. Michael Nierenberg forms relationships easily to help him adjust to a new environment. He advises people to be open to new ideas and experiences to adjust to a new environment. Furthermore, working with professionals helped him achieve set goals and become successful.

Michael Nierenberg joined the board of directors for Bear Stearns because of good performance. The management decided to elevate him because they recognized his potential. Michael Nierenberg has vast knowledge and is a good leader. He supports employees and motivates them to work hard. He discovered that helping employees in their areas of weakness is more important than shutting them down. He states that by motivating them to work hard, you avoid the trouble of looking for new employees every time. Michael Nierenberg interacts with colleagues early in the morning before he starts working. He adds that forming close relationships with colleagues helps you work as a team to achieve set objectives. Michael Nierenberg has built a successful career and is helping others reach their potential. He trains new employees during his free time and shows them how to succeed in the industry. Michael Nierenberg wears many hats and leadership is at the forefront. Every company he worked for became successful.

Serge Belamant on Digital Financing

The founder of blockchain technologies Serge Belamant started his career working for various companies in the technology sector. He was a vital member of the first IT gurus who created technological advancement that has transformed the financial banking today. Serge Belamant developed the talent of software coding and digital financial transaction software. This talent leads him to build his first company Net1 Universal Electronic Payment Systems (UEPS) Technologies, Inc. Moreover, he later designed Chip Offline Pre-Authorised Card, which are the cards we use for almost everything at the moment. Another accomplishment made by Serge Belamant in the digital finance sector is the digital payment system which was used to transfer funds to the needy in South Africa. Visit

Zilch Technologies

He recently co-founded Zilch Technologies in the UK. The idea business idea of creating Zilch came from his son who saw the gap that existed between the young people and the older generations in terms of access to loans. The company could provide financial services that were in sync with the lifestyle of the young millennials whose life was significantly affected by social media. The app helps young millennials to know how they can manage their earnings and spending patterns, therefore, having the ability to manage cash flows.

How to Achieve Set Goals

To achieve his goals he makes lists of things to be done in the day. Among the plans for his day is the assistance he offers businesses. Among his top guidance on companies is the ability to highlight problems the activities a company might face and how to overcome the challenges. He reads extensively mainly on the issues facing the financial systems in the UK so that he can meet the needs of his consumers. Once he learns about the needs of the consumers, he writes down his ideas, break them down to the simplest components and try to understand how they will bring their ideas to life. The best trend that excites Serge Belamant is the simplicity and complexities of DNA analysis. The genome according to Serge Belamant can be considered as a computer algorithm that can program itself based on a given situation.


Neurocore Uses Brain Performance Centers to Treat Mental Illness

The brain is an amazing organ. Apart from being a resilient and adaptable structure, the brain is also the source of thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and perceptions. It’s made of billions of neurons that apply chemical signals to regulate electrical activities. These neurons play a crucial role in allowing people to think, function, as well as process complex information. Besides, our understanding of the functioning of the brain is possible via the workings of the organ. Although the understanding of the mind is now accessible and has come a long way in the initial years, many researchers and scientists should uncover the mysteries of the operation of the brain. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Brain disorders can be difficult to treat for different reasons. However, a recent breakthrough in research has allowed medical practitioners to establish advanced treatment options. Through using better comprehension of the brain, and analyzing how it works, Neurocore is in a position to understand the operations of the human brain in addition to how it works.


Creativity could be the doorway to a better brain. Spending more hours practicing a subject or how to play an instrument could take you some time. But, in the long run, you’ll achieve excellent results. In a research conducted by Neurocore, it was discovered that sleep is essential for brain development. Neurofeedback is a reward system to help your brain to function appropriately over time under a program of practice, repetition, as well as reinforcement. The staff pinpoints where the patient’s brain is fast or slow. Neurofeedback sessions then train the brain to take an optimal speed. Unlike in the past where science maintained that the operations of the brain couldn’t change, Neurocore has learned that it’s not true. The brain’s neuroplasticity allows it to be flexible as well as dynamic. The brain performance centers do not base their treatment methods on medication, but a modern tech-based platform that provides an instant cure. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Igor Cornelsen Has Some Things To Say About Investing

Igor Cornelsen has over the years mastered the art of stock management and investment. He is not a new face in the banking industry as he has worked in several successful firms and has established several on his own. Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil and also went to school there. For his undergraduate degree, Igor Cornelsen holds one in engineering, but during his course, he majored in economics. This he did after the first two years of studying at Federal University because he found engineering was time consuming and somewhat difficult. His decision to major in economics however did not hurt his career but rather built it. Over the years, Igor Cornelsen has offered advice to people when it comes to the exchange of funds and good business opportunities. His expertise has seen a lot of individuals make it in the industry. Igor Cornelsen got his first job quickly after graduation because individuals that had pursued engineering were in high demand at the time.

Multibanco is where Igor Cornelsen first worked as an investment banker. Igor Cornelsen’s career at this bank was excellent as within the first four years he was put on the board of directors. Later on, after the bank realized his expertise, they appointed him as their CEO. Unfortunately, Igor Cornelsen could no longer stay at Multibanco when another bank purchased it. Igor Cornelsen left and worked for Unibanco for a while before also leaving the institution. This is because the inflation rates at Unibanco were too high for it to operate properly. It was now time for Igor Cornelsen to find another opportunity that was good for him. Luckily, he managed to get one at Libra Bank PLC where he was being paid in dollars. Igor Cornelsen worked here for a few years building his reputation as an investment banker.

Best Fall Fashions For Women From A Man’s Perspective

While it is still very amusing to watch grown women get so excited about the fall season, I will say that autumn is a good time of year. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler and the women are running to Starbucks to get anything with pumpkin in it. All jokes aside, if you have every wondered what a man’s take on women’s fall fashion is, wonder no more. I am about to reveal which fall fashions guys go crazy over, and which ones we don’t love on women.


It comes as no surprise that we love skin tight leggings on women. We love a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Leggings coupled with dresses or skirts are always eye-catching.


Most men, including myself, are big fans of boots. The knee high boots that make women’s legs look a mile long are sexy. Ankle booties paired with a dress or skirt creates a very cute outfit. Even a pair of Ugg boots with leggings and a sweater is an adorable outfit. Boots are a go!


Men love a woman in a dress. I think this goes beyond any specific season, but there are some fun dresses to play around with in the fall. A few options include an oversized t-shirt dress with leggings, a sweater dress with ankle booties, or a formal dress with heels. Dresses are always in style and men are certain to take notice.

Skin and Lips

Yes, your skincare and lips are part of your fall wardrobe. With the season change, the air is much more dry and cold; this can cause dryness, redness and peeling. Your skin is one of the first things that men notice about you. Taking extra care to keep your skin and lips moisturized will add a beautiful element to your fall wardrobe. Cocoa or Shea butter can help keep your skin moisturized while EOS lip balm can provide hours of moisture for your lips. Men instantly take notice to healthy glowing skin and lips.


This may come as a surprise, but men love hats on women. Beanies, floppy brim hats or a baseball cap. Men find hats a very sexy and confident look. Make sure to stock your closet with lots of great hats this season.

Have fun this fall with your wardrobe. Following these few trends are sure to get you a few second glances and maybe a formal invite to dinner!

Alex Hern Positive 5G Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Lately, businesses and consumers alike have been on edge about the revolutionary 5G infrastructure. Alex Hern of Tsunami XR shares thoughtful insight on how 5G births a new epoch for both businesses and the average end user. He further emphasizes some key benefits of 5G that puts it far ahead of its precursor. With improved connectivity being a crucial selling point, digital workstations should experience incredible transformation.

In turn, businesses are likely to report improvements across channels from better customer service, employees, processing and security systems. Alex Hern further stipulates how its impressive latency rate is likened to that of human interaction. Another critical area that will benefit from 5G connectivity is speed-to-market. It’s a sensitive process that often slows down competitiveness. Reorganization of the workforce usually requires some downtime as employees adjust and get familiar with the new work environment.

With 5G, it’s a seamlessly silent transition that eliminates downtime altogether. Technology expert Alex Hern co-founded Tsunami XR in 2011. He’s actively overseeing the everyday activities of Tsunami as its appointed CEO. Alex Hern has spearheaded incubation for numerous startups throughout his long career in business. He’s also propelled industry innovators like Cloudshield, ArcSight, AlterEgo Networks, etc. as a former associate of their board member panel.
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The Participation of NetBank in the Community

It is hard to find a bank that cares not only cares about your money but also the improvement of your personal financial life. The primary mission and goal of NexBank is to execute and offer flexible banking services and financial expertise to people who look to them for financial assistance. They make it their mission to support institutions and businesses with tailor-made solutions. They also offer seamless service delivery making it extremely easy for businesses and institutions to access quality services. They also connect their clients with more possibilities. For clients that require help, they come up with tailored solutions that make it easy to diversify the needs of their clients.

Apart from the strides they have made when it comes to service delivery, NexBank makes it a priority to contribute to the community by participating in numerous activities like the Texas Bankers Association. The CEO and President of NexBank Capital in 2016 participated in the fifth annual Texas Bankers Association. John Holt participated as a panelist. He served as a panelist for the topic Reinventing Community Banking. This conference is a forum where advisers, consultants, advisers, and bank leaders, where they meet to share their perspectives on the challenges and important opportunities facing bank leaders in the community.

Participants and panelists in the Texas Bankers Association explore various strategic opportunities through various M&A activities. They also explore strategic opportunities through branching and organic growth. This association makes it possible for the bank to improve its services. The three core businesses that NexBank offers is commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. It also offers banking and financial services to corporations, institutional clients, and financial institutions. The participation of John Holt as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association makes it possible for the bank to acquire new methods to serve its customers better.

A $555 million patent purchase completed by HGGC

The top global private middle market equity firm, HGGC Global has been on an aggressive expansion bid lately. This expansion bid is being fueled by the firm’s need to grow itself both financially and strategically. From a financial standpoint, this middle market private equity firm wants to increase its revenues. On the other hand, from a strategic perspective, the firm seeks to position in a better place to attract lucrative deals and partnerships. This firm’s expansion bid has led to it purchasing a top patent risk management services provider, RPX.

A wonderful deal

RPX was founded in 2008 and since this time it has been purchasing the most promising patents from all over the world. Today, this patent management services provider boasts of having more than 23,000 very promising patents under its care. RPX has spent more than $2,5 billion purchasing these patents. HGGC paid $10.50 per share in cash adding up to a total of $555 million as it had been outlined in the May agreement between the two companies.

This purchase is expected to pay off handsomely given that the middle market private equity firm has a lot of companies under it that could turn some of the patents under FPX into a fortune. There is speculation that this particular opportunity is what fueled this private equity firm to go ahead with this purchase. In this deal, HGGC worked with partners like Jefferies Finance who was the primary lender alongside GCA Advisors and Houlihan Lokey who were the financial advisors.

About HGGC

This private firm dominates the global middle market equity space with an impressive transactional value of over $17 billion and $4.3 billion worth of capital commitments. The firm utilizes the “Advantage Investing” model to push its success. In this model, all the firm’s players such as the management, founders, investors, and staff work together to create a powerful alignment of interests that drive the firm to success. This is a model that many businesses are now imitating thanks to the success of HGGC. Today, this firm has completed over 90 major deals that have propelled it to this success using the model.